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  1. glyph in UniBitButton can use only .bmp picture
  2. Anuchit

    ClientInfo on Mobile Form

    I will try this. Thank you so much
  3. Anuchit

    ClientInfo on Mobile Form

    I want to Check Browser when user use my application I want to customize them using Chorme or Safari . if (C.BrowserType <> 'chrome') or (C.BrowserType <> 'safari') then begin ShowMessage('Can use on Chrome or safari !!!'); end;
  4. Anuchit

    ClientInfo on Mobile Form

    Thank you for Reply.
  5. Anuchit

    ClientInfo on Mobile Form

    on Desktop , I can check what's browser using on Event Form OnActivate on Mobile no have Event OnActivate I'm try use Event OnShow , OnCreate , OnReady but can't Show browser type and browser version , ... what Event I can use on Mobile, When I want to show Browser Type and Browser Version