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  1. Hello, how can I set FLEX property for TUnimTabPanel?
  2. Hi Sherzod, yes that is the application of the video. You have to activate the mobile simulation in your browser. I noticed the problems on the iPhone.
  3. Hello, if I click on the title line of a collapsible panel, the display of the panel is destroyed. How can i fix this behavior?? unim- TUnimPanel.mp4 TestCase.rar
  4. Works perfect!!! Thank you. And in case where pnlOrder isn't TUnimPanel (..is another panel on MainmForm), is there also a solution?
  5. I use this function event in TUnimPanel -> UniEvents
  6. Hello Sherzod, f.e. function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.listeners= { click: { element: 'el', fn: function(e,el){ if (MainmForm.pnlOrder.Enabled==true) { <== something like that TweenLite.fromTo($('#'+el.id), 0.2,{backgroundColor :'#ffffff'},{backgroundColor :'#d2d2d2',onComplete:function(){ TweenLite.to($('#'+el.id), 1.0,{backgroundColor :'#ffffff'}) } } });
  7. Hello, is it possible to access delphi class properties from javascript (unievents/extevents)? I want to read the value of unimpanel.enabled in javascript function. Thanks
  8. Hello Sherzod, yes, uniMdbgrid. I want collaps groups after opening dataset.
  9. Hello, how can we expand/collaps unimdbgrid group at runtime (coding)? Thx
  10. Hello, is it possible to hide screenmask of TUnimDBGrid? unimDBGrid1.ScreenMask.Enabled:= false; Thanks
  11. Hello, how can I change width of TUnimTreeMenu at runtime if the parent form of TUnimTreeMneu has client side alignment (uniAlignmentClient)? Thanks in advance
  12. Hello, try this and you'll see how it works: /* special button design */ .mainBtnBg { border-radius:0px !important; border: 2px !important; } .mainBtnBg .x-inner-el { icon-color: #ffffff !important; background-color: orange; border-radius:0px !important; /*padding-top: 0 !important;*/ } .mainBtnBg:hover { background-color: green; border-radius:0px !important; border: 2px !important; } .mainBtnBg .x-badge-el { color: green; background-color: lime; background-image: none; border-radius: 10px;
  13. Hello, does anyone know how to change color of fontawesome icon in TUnimButton? Thanks an advance
  14. Hi Fred, great work. Is there also a soluion for mobile??
  15. Great, works perfect. Thanks a lot, Sherzod!!!
  16. I've made a simple testcase with 2 datetime pickers. Problem happens under iPhone by repeated select date selections. BUG.rar
  17. Hi TUnimDatePicker have a bug sometimes show selection menu at year 2039 although the selected date as in the screen shoot show 27/06/2019, this mainly happen after the form leases focus by showing a side menu or something like that. Using unim- Any solution for this ??? Thanks.
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