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  1. Hi, I am testing the different types of UniDbEdit and I have detected that some of them do not have the LayouConfig property, specifically UniDbNumberEdit and UniDbFormattedNumberEdit. It seems strange to me if we consider that UniNumberEdit and UniFormattedNumberEdit if they have it. Is it a design error of the class or is there a reason for this?
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    About LayoutConfig.Flex

    Initially I try to understand how the Client Alignment demo works. From what I see, it uses several types of combined layouts: vBox, hBox, Fit and Absolute
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    About LayoutConfig.Flex

    I have to do something?
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    About LayoutConfig.Flex

    My email is the same of the customer portal.
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    About LayoutConfig.Flex

    No, I am a registered user. Member ID 00957
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    About LayoutConfig.Flex

    The version I use is
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    About LayoutConfig.Flex

    Hello good day. I have a problem with the LayoutConfig.Flex property, specifically my problem is that I do not understand how it works. I understand that it is an integer value, but I do not know how it is used. I have looked for information in the help and I can not find anything to explain it. In the source code of the ClientAlignment demo I see that different values are assigned to each of the controls but I do not understand why. Someone would be kind enough to give me an explanation about this. A more detailed explanation of each of the LayoutConfig and LayoutAttribs properties would also be interesting. Thank you.
  8. Hello again. The first thing is to thank you for your response. Yesterday I was not in the office and I could not prove your solution. Today I'm at work and I do not quite understand which component you assign the property alignment = fit to. In the UniTabSheet that property exists but I can not find the way to apply 'fit' because that property inherits it from uniPanel and only accepts taLeftJustify, taRightJustify, taCenter. The TabSheet is created dynamically just like in the UniGUI demo. Forgive my ignorance but I am starting to use UniGUI and I am quite lost. Thanks again.
  9. But IT works correctly after this??
  10. Good Morning. I'm having a problem that I do not understand why it happens. I'm making a WEB application with a structure almost identical to the UniGUI demo, the main screen has a menu on the left and a UnipageControl on the rest of the screen. According to the selected menu option, a UniTabSheet is created and the TUniFrameClass is created and assigned to the previously created UniTabSheet. In all cases when the Tabsheet shows the application run, the TabSheet occupies the entire client area of the PageControl but the Frame does not allow it to expand to the entire client area. The effect I want to achieve is the same as shown in FormControlsFieldSet in the UniGUI demo. As I did not get it, I copied the .pas and the .dfm of FormControlsFieldSet from the demo and added it to my project by assigning it a menu option. What is my surprise that it is exactly the same as the rest of the frames in my application, that is, it only occupies part of the tabsheet area and unlike the demo, it has lost the capacity to resize the controls shown there. What I can be doing wrong?
  11. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. The access permissions of the folder "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\inetsrv\" can not be changed or at least I have not found the way. Not even accessing the server as Administrator is not possible to assign new users to that folder. I think it will be because it is a folder for internal use of the system, well the solution to this problem is to manually create a file "w3wp.CFG" in the folder "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\inetsrv\" The file is empty but the system no longer gives an error and works correctly. I must say that the same application installed in a Windows server 2012 did not give any problem. Well, problem solved.
  12. I use UniDac components for a remote SQL Server database and also a local table that I load using TADODataset.Loadfromfile that is in XML format. I think the problem is with this, because the SQL Server database opens up well and allows me to access any table.
  13. The UinGui Version in this server is
  14. I have installed a Windows server 2019 server with IIS and I have configured the system so that it can run the ISAPI DLLs created with UniGui. In the tests I did with the UniGui examples it works fine, but in an application that connects to a remote MS SQL Server database, after identifying the user, the following error message is displayed [Can not create file "C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \ inetsrv \ w3wp.CFG "]. I do not know if this has happened to someone or someone knows how to solve it. Thank you for your attention. The UinGui Version in this server is