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  1. Hello, As far as I can understand the only lasting solution would be abandon the ssd drive, copy the vm in the notebooks drives and register unigui in the three notebooks. Any other way, I will be registering unigui everytime I boot other SO than the one where I registered it, right?
  2. No. I haven't tried that. I was affraid to reinstall and consume some instalation counter or something... If I resintall on linux, what happens when I use the VM from mac or windows? Will I have to reinstall again? I am worried because it is not that I am using unigui on linux... just using Delphi could make me lose the instalation.
  3. Hello everyone, Last week I ordered a copy of UniGui. I've installed it in my dev win 10 VM. My dev VM is an oracle VirtualBox win10 running from an external ssd disc. I have 3 different dev machines: win, mac and linux... and only one vm. Yesterday I booted the vm from elementary linux to do some debuging (nothing to do with unigui) but I got "unigui verification failed" on the startup. I know unigui has "named user license" just like Delphi does but Delphi runs well with this configuration and unigui does not. How can I solve this? Regards
  4. Hello Mohammad, Very nice UI. How did you achive the semi transparent form? I am trying UniGui with the latest trial.
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