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  1. marcos.digirotas

    Populate dinamically a Combobox

    Thanks Sherzod, It works perfectly!
  2. marcos.digirotas

    Populate dinamically a Combobox

    I have a Combobox which needs to be repopulated dinamically, that is, the user type 3 characters in the ComboBox and press the return key. In this moment a query is executed and the Combobox needs to be populated with the items resulted by that query. The problem that I found is that the ComboBox.Items.Clear doesn't have the expected effect. Here is a simple example: Add a TUniComboBox On the OnKeyDown method, add the code: if Key=VK_RETURN then begin UniComboBox1.Items.Clear; UniComboBox1.Items.Add('RIO DE JANEIRO'); UniComboBox1.Items.Add('RIO GRANDE DO SUL'); UniComboBox1.Items.Add('RIO GRANDE DO NORTE'); end; Run the program Inside the ComboBox, type "RIO" and press the return key: it will appear 3 items at the ComboBox Edit the typed text to "RIOS" and press the return key again In this moment I expected that the Combobox was cleared and populated with the 3 options, but the result obtained is that the ComboBox has 6 items, as if the "UniComboBox1.Items.Clear" instruction had been ignored. Thanks in advance!
  3. marcos.digirotas

    Assign "id" or "name" property to a component

    Ok! I put this code on the OnCreate method of the form: UniDBEdit3.JSControl.Id:='xyz123'; Is it the right way?
  4. marcos.digirotas

    Assign "id" or "name" property to a component

    Ok, it was done!
  5. marcos.digirotas

    Assign "id" or "name" property to a component

    No, it is not the trial edition.
  6. marcos.digirotas

    Assign "id" or "name" property to a component

    Hi, I use the complete edition, Version:1.10.0 build 1466
  7. marcos.digirotas

    Assign "id" or "name" property to a component

    Hi people! Is there a way to assing an "id" or a "name" property to a component to be used in the conversion to html code? I want to set a inputMask (using the ExtEvents >> afterrender) to a Unidbedit that depends on the value of another Unidbedit, for example: UniDbedit1 must have the inputmask "999.999.999-99" if Unidbedit2 equals to "F", otherwise the inputmask should be "99.999.999/9999-99". On afterrender event, I don't know how to access the value of the Unidbedit2. Looking the html code generated, it looks like: <input id="O5D4_id-inputEl" data-ref="inputEl" size="1" name="O5D4"... If I could assing an acquainted name to "id" or "name" propery I wiil be able to define the correct inputmask. Thanks in advance! Marcos