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    This web application requires JavaScript enabled

    thanks for your quick reply. Yes we have a REST API and the content of our web page is related to API call (ex: result of API call of a specific ressource give us a list of objects and we create panel and more from list) But finally it was only a access problem to our REST API. I don't know why the result is this message in the generate html source code "This web application requires Javascript enabled" it put me on a wrong way to resolve the issue. Sorry to have make a post for nothing. Regards, Nicolas.
  2. Hi, Unigui version : ExtJSVersion Our web application work with a few computers (deployed like a service) but in one computer we see nothing on the web page. (Only the loading progress component and the /server page) Our pages are generate by code in result of a API call. If I open the source code of the generate html page I can see the message : "This web application requires JavaScript enabled" Javascript is activated on windows and chrome but same result. Same result if i try to open the page trough an other computer (with service on the computer that doesn't work) And I can open the web page on the computer that have the problem if the service is on an other computer. I use the deployement framework. Hope all this information can lead you to an idea of what is my problem. Thanks for your help. Regards, Nicolas.
  3. willignicolas

    Layout: advanced tutorial

    Thanks for your reply Mohammad. But I dont find this in your project exemple. Where is it use to adapt the ont size to the parent size? Thanks. Nicolas
  4. willignicolas

    Service Installation Error

    Hello everybody; I have try a new project in service mode but when i try to install it (cmd.exe project.exe /install) I have this error : Exception EOSError in the... System Error Code 5. Denied Access. (Translate from french caption error) If i start cmd.exe in admin mode it's OK the service is installed. Have you any idea? I'm on Windows 10 Pro Thanks for your help.
  5. willignicolas

    Layout: advanced tutorial

    Hi, Thanks for this exemple. I try to reproduce the dynamic font size of label UniLabel19 in my unigui project with no success. Even if I copy all the components of the form in my project. How the automatic font size change work in this exemple? Thanks for your help. Nicolas.