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  1. I agree absolutely. Using VMware Workstation on Windows 7 as a host, and Windows 8 with RAD Studio as a guest. Virusless by design, no malware, no registry mash, all clear and isolated. In addition, using disk snapshots covers all installation/upgrades/updates failures.
  2. Instead of using UniURLFrame you can open new browser tab using javascript : UniSession.AddJS('window.open(' + QuotedStr(UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL + FileName) + ')');
  3. If you need to change grid summary row color, just insert .x-grid-row-summary { background-color: #f00; } to ServerModule.CustomCSS (and change the color to desired).
  4. This may help : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2333-open-pdf-in-the-browser-window/?p=14923
  5. This may help : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2333-open-pdf-in-the-browser-window/?p=14923
  6. I have one alternative, not using other components, and opening PDF in new window automatically. Here is an example of my procedure (save data to stream, save stream to disk, publish PDF using localcache and open new browser window using javascript) : procedure OpenDocumentByURL(Data: TBytes; FileName: string); var Stream: TMemoryStream; begin if Length(Data) > 0 then begin Stream := TMemoryStream.Create; try FileName := UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL + FileName; Stream.WriteBuffer(Data[0], Length(Data)); Stream.SaveToFile(FileName); finally Stream.Free; end; UniSession.AddJS('window.open(' + QuotedStr(FileName) + ')'); end; end; But the principle is just opening required document from published folder by browser itself using javascript. You just have to allow opening new windows in browser for the first time.
  7. Well, your demagogy is not my cup of tea. Are you named D7 warez user ? ZigZig : "D7 still is the most used version of Delphi..." ... this is fabricated argument. Tohang Pakpahan : "Win32 D7 has the advantage of the EXE size" ... this is improper argument, caused probably by lack of knowledge. If you set enhanced RTTI off, you'll get similar EXE size (with respect to unicode, etc.). Nevertheless, if you let all modern optimizations and features on, who on Earth in 2013 will see difference between few megs of compiled code ? EXE size was important in 90's. Discussion is possible only between participants on the same level of expertise, and will all respect, this is not the case. If you don't understand Delphi technologies, you're unable to percieve technical arguments at all.
  8. If you need performance, you should use 64-bit OS ... is it a surprise ? We are not living in y2k era (with Delphi 7 & Win XP). Or do you ?
  9. This is another nonsence. If you switch enhanced RTTI off, the EXE size will be very similar. If you are so "performance oriented", you should use Delphi x64 compiler (XE2+), not D7 for Win32.
  10. Well, the language is far more improved now (e.g. generics). And the never-ending usage of D7 will kill Delphi future. Lower income for vendor, increased price for new versions, no better tomorrows. And the "fact" that D7 is the "most used version" is really not true. Only the fact is, that D7 is simpliest (last) version to crack, so "yes", it's "most used warez version of Delphi".
  11. It's a nonsense. If you will have money for ExtJS + uniGUI license, you will have money for XE4 Pro. D7 is more then 10 years old, frankly.
  12. Take it easy. It is not a surprise. Here are many one-time (occasional) coders. But the "hard core" is evident, it's like in sport :-)
  13. If Pro (with source) will not be 2x (or more) expensive then Std, I prefer Pro ultimately.
  14. Anachronox


    I think this is some kind of web "streaming" technology (company is developing remote desktop solutions). And from this perspective it's very different from uniGUI, because in uniGUI complete DOM persists in browser instance and AJAX is used only for messaging (event handling).
  15. This is not new activity, if you'll read forums precisely you'll see many similar attempts in history. uniGUI is not volunteer or open source based project (at this time). Farshad is working on production (commercial) version, with support, source code, and so no. So partial contributions are not a solution, we all need stable production framework on commercial basis, to which Farshad is going. Many of us are ready to pay (previously discussed) amount of ~ 1.000 USD.
  16. I don't like Zeos. I prefer UniDAC by Devart absolutly.
  17. Thank you guys! Hidden property CurrCol works well. Maybe I'll help you other time. Cheers
  18. Yes, the record is known. But i need to focus specific column (so to move grid cursor from one cell to another, within current record). In VCL there is SelectedIndex property on grid for this purpose, but in uniGUI I see no way...
  19. Since there's no SelectedIndex property on TUniDBGrid, how to change active (selected) grid column (cell) in runtime ? I tried to call ExtJS tweak: UniSession.AddJS('Form.Grid.getView().focusCell(3,3)'); but without success (no error, no action). Is there ANY solution how to control grid active column ? (Active Row is DataSet Current Record). Thanks a lot.
  20. What about gridView.scrollOffset ?
  21. I beg your pardon, i want the old layout back...
  22. After TUniForm.OnActivate event is fired, TUniForm property Active is still False and remains False during app runtime. Is it desired behavior ?
  23. It's required for grid column auto-size function. So the only way is to subtract constant width ? i.e. GridClientWidth := Grid.Width - 20, instead of GridClientWidth := Grid.Width - GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXVSCROLL) ?
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