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  1. Sorry if its not a beatifull solution , but the commercial schedule that i use in my photographic studio just fill all the weekends dates or not available hours with a reserved event in the database of scheduled tasks... so nobudy will be able to reserve this hours because they are reserved to me...^_^


  2. Some help please...

    I need to access a pdf file that is in a network server, i created an alias in apache, 

    i can access from the browser the file needed it open ok , to test in unigui i changed the  unigui demo pdf

    procedure TMainmForm.UnimBitBtn3Click(Sender: TObject);
      form_pdf: Twndpdf_test;
      if UnimList1.ItemIndex >= 0 then
        form_pdf := Twndpdf_test.Create(UniApplication);
     //   form_pdf.PDfFile := 'pdfs/' + UnimList1.Text; <-----changed to 
        form_pdf.PDfFile := 'https://servidor.pmfezer.com.br/yyy/xxxxx.pdf'; <---- this

    but unigui put the server name in front


    how to remove this http://localhost... just for the moment of opening this pdf, because all the others files he need to continue saving on /files...

    Thanks in advance for any help provided.

  3. Ok... after 2 hours, yes... im new on this... i discovered the problem, my dbgrid is readonly and for some mistake i set 'enable' in dbgrid to false, this have no effect on the grid, it still working normaly navigation , normal , paging... etc... But ! do not move the cursor of the table , move on the client side, problably.. visualy but the server side not moved... so the others dbcomponents on others tabs do not show any movement...

    Enable it againt and Voilá ! 

    I do not see this first because the disabled grid do not change color like in VCL,  buy desing ?


  4. Just to complete the useful observation of Abaksoft .

    I use in the menu tools to call a bat that compress the exe and send to distribution directory to be automaticaly updated in the stations. The problem of calling delphi in a bat is that if i call a bat inside the ide delphi it not receive the administrative privileges , so no pack or delete was possible, after some research i changed the call of pack.bat with the use of psexec



    The parameter like is

    \\fabio_d64 -u fezer\fabio -p YOURPASSWORD c:\dpd_10\pack.bat $PROMPT()


  5. Unigui is incompatible with it, it replace the normal jpg loader with its on , just disable the devexpress packets and load your imagd again. i solved my problem in this way, it seems that if you recomçile devexpress with some different parameters it works... but to me no success , but you will not use devexpress anyway...