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  1. I really dont understand why we still havn't so usefull component... ButtonEdit, DBButtonEdit, and inplace editor in grid cell
  2. Ruslan

    Edit with buttons (ButtonEdit)

    Thank you, is it work with ExtJS 6 ? and as inplace editor in DB grid?
  3. Ruslan

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    zemorango, nice job!
  4. Ruslan

    DBGrid attachments in DBGrid

    sample doesn't work with modern themes on last extjs (6+)
  5. Ruslan

    No license after paying

    you have strong patience to wait for a license for 3 months
  6. Ruslan

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    in Delphi or Lazarus?
  7. Ruslan

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    And how about UniDAC and other components - they is not need to port to Linux and will work as usual? Just only binary files will compiled into linux "format"? or UniGUI for Linux will work only with Lazarus?
  8. Ruslan

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    start development for 10% users = death of UniGUI components in the near future (when Farshad all time will fix tons of bugs and Delphi's glitches under Linux but the bulk of users don't need that)- it is about Linux and Responsive design (who ask RD looks like don't understand how it work and don't understand that this is impossible to make Delphi Form responsive without design restriction)
  9. Ruslan

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    How many projects on Delphi works on Linux, and how many on Windows? I think that <10% under linux and from a commercial point of view there is no sence to waste time on that when you still not good on Windows. If you run your Delphi application on Linux I think you imagine how many pitfalls come out when you was start this and how many workarounds and hucks you already implemented to get success. Why both DevExpress and TMS still haven't components for Linux but UniGUI should drop everything and start develop for linux? Ok - lets start years of work for 10% users, when other 90% haven't even basic feature with editing text in browser with ability to append image to text and other rich formatting.
  10. Ruslan

    Responsive feature

    so you need responsive grid? I don't see any responsive site where responsive design was created "automatically" when you just only place components to page. It is hard work with CSS which can take month of work hours while you fix all bugs in different resolutions. It is impossible to implement with delphi form where you can place component whereve you want Look at TMS sample https://app.devgems.com/xdata/music/app/ - this is a braking turn-based strategy, works very slow. Yes, for this piece of shit you can do some automatic resposivity, but which sence use Delphi for so class application if you can create them in PHP for several hours. Delphi is for enterprise desktop applications. How responsivity will look with that gui? I don't understand how much time Farshad will need to implenet "automatic" responsivity for each GUI control - it is impossible and will take all he free time for year to fix bugs with that. ? https://content.screencast.com/users/p2rcoder/folders/Snagit/media/5be18435-f5f3-4ccf-8e1d-a83788af0f13/10.09.2018-16.05.png
  11. Ruslan

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    Can I see it in Google Play?
  12. Ruslan

    Responsive feature

    how do you imagine to compress a form which was designed for a desktop screen to small mobile screen? what differenc should be beetwean "responsive feature" and standard Align and Anchors?
  13. Ruslan

    hyperserver url

    yes, I understand, but it was question to ice - he work with Wine and it is interesting to know which issues he faced
  14. Ruslan

    hyperserver url

    Is there any restrictions for run UniGUI on Wine? or it works fully functional as on windows server (IIS) ?
  15. Ruslan

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    I do not understand why you made a panic if you use Delphi which was already dead and passed from hand to hand for 10 years while was bought by Embarcadero :) Each year we have new relises of Delphi which contain houndreds bugs. It announces development for any platform but still nobody in their right mind develope mobile application using Delphi (it is use outdated Android and IOS SDK). Delphi is a risk in itself. Every year it is becoming more and more difficult to find a Delphi developer. 15 years ago Delphi was a basic programming environment in my university, but today junior programmers know about Delphi only from "old school" people. So if you select Delphi you should enjoy its benefits here and now and don't think about what will be there in 10 years. It's hard to return to first positions when your competitors Microsoft and Oracle. So if you plan to create "longterm" application your should not use Delphi and what will be with UniGUI throw 5 years - that's the last thing you should thinking about. Your want Enterprise support from components which Farshad developed for environment (Delphi) which each year less and less using for entrprise development. Moreover i will say - Delphi it is not for Linux and it is not for mobile and Farshad not need to listen to those who scream about linux support when Delphi itself still doesn't support it, and responsive design (or mobile) - for mobile you should use native application because your never create application which will be the same usefull on desktop and mobile. These features will not lead more customers because company first of all select Delphi for developing desktop for Windows and nobody select it for linux or mobile. The only true way of development UniGUI - it is improvement of current components and adding new components + improvement scalability. Delphi - it is for Windows desktop application and nothing else so UniGUI should be the easest way to show this application in browser and nothing else. We need clear and easy to use components for: 1. Multiupload files 2. Rich edit content in browser (like TinyMCE) 3. Messaging system to have ability to send message from server to user / user to user "on the fly" 4. Pivot table 5. ExtLookupCombobox 6. Drug & Drop 7. Fast charts 8. Fast reports 9. Scripting 10... It is true Delphi. Trying to support linux or mobile - it is a waste of time and going nowhere. You already can develope application for win10 which will be work both at desktop and tablets, we not need to adapt web application for all devices when we can run usual desktop application on mobile. You can run your app on Wine if you want linux. You can look to General Discussions - 99% questions about components and customizations - and it is true Delphi, and true UniGUI - fast developing using components. Please, stop any trying for linux and mobile and continue developing like year before when each week/month was release with new GUI features.
  16. Ruslan

    mobile or responsive app

    It is not for mobile. Best way - create native mobile app.
  17. Ruslan

    Need advise in UI

    Hello, I created my app using sample "windows" style desktop app which source found here. How to implement like "MDI" style to prevent window overlap bottom and top borders? Form should be under top and bottom panel when user move it over "desktop". And other situation - form should abut all the boundaries of the browser when user moving it
  18. Ruslan

    Progress information for TUniFileUpload

    How you know which user which session have?
  19. Ruslan

    Multiple File Upload

    Does it work with latest UniGUI and sencha 6.5?
  20. Ruslan

    Need advise in UI

    is it possible to do Main MDI form without header and borders?
  21. Ruslan


    Можете сориентировать, сколько стоит в месяц держать сервер под юнигуи на ажуре? предположим что нужно 8гб оперативки и 4 ядра проц + нужна еще база Postgre, ее там же можно будет развернуть? домен можно будет прикрутить свой и к ажуре? я так понимаю помимо того, что описано у вас в статье, нужно еще у домена в днс прописать IP сервера?
  22. Ruslan

    Progress information for TUniFileUpload

    Is this standard uniGUI url? hfrDropbox - which component?
  23. Ruslan

    Progress information for TUniFileUpload

    if you work on this - so I think you should implement multiupload tool and show progress by eash file instead improve only one file upload.
  24. Ruslan

    Client Notifications

    What I have: 1. Some background threads which work at server and post log information to DB 2. Users which need to see information from log after it added How to provide information to user? I can start timer on Client and every 5 sec check DB - but if will 20 clients - it will be too many requests to DB. Can I start timer at server (1 for all users) and send information to client browser if exists message for this client? How to verify at server which user connected and send message to him?