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  1. ContaboVPS speed very slow because their servers has only 2.2ghz per core and slow SSD 4k read/write speed. I use PostgreSQL and highload application which write transctions to DB - so Contabo server with 16gb memory 6 core 2.2ghz and SSD (~20euro/month with Windows) is about 5 times slower than dedicated hetzner server 16gb, 8 core 3.5ghz, HDD (~32euro/month without windows). But if you don't need hi writing speed - Contabo is the cheapest and best choise from servers with Windows license.
  2. I think that author of this post pursued the goal just only to faster fix some bugs which he is waiting for year ) Nobody in their right mind will cross from UniGUI to TMS. Those who tell about TMS - why you don't use IntraWeb?
  3. Ruslan

    Free to cooperate

    rate per hour?
  4. Problem was due to small timer interval which sent hundreds requests to server per second, and SQL query which very slow in prod environment but acceptable on dev.
  5. It is important, my work for last 2 month haven't sence if bottom grid will display for 5-10 seconds after dataset got data from DB )
  6. After installing xampp get this error on start Apache There were no errors during installation except message about UAC. win2012r2 64bit
  7. I have tried ISAPI on IIS but can't run application - it is download DLL instead run. All did as described here http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/iis_7_0.htm
  8. this is when "Loading" it start after ShowMessage dialog displayed, only 5 rows returned by query
  9. I added "showmessge" on exit from my function which load data to bottom grid - after that I see "Loading..." for 5-10 seconds...
  10. Hello, ug1486 I have such form: After I click row in upper grid in OnAfterScroll event of UniQuery I do Close and Open query for bottom grid. It query work for 1-2 seconds (all my operation finished in 1-2 second) but after that bottom grid "Loading..." for 10+ seconds... 5-6 rows. I can't understand what it do all this time. There is no any Ajax or Delphi events both on the bottom grid and dataset of this grid. Where to look for the problem? EXE-file, DB on the local server, open using localhost:8077, icore7, 16Gb memory, Chrome.
  11. Thank you for this video. Can you say any advantages or disadvantages compared to IIS? Also It would be very useful video how to add SSL (https).
  12. Was you able to handle more sessions using IIS instead EXE ?
  13. We need TinyMCE or Froala as standard UniGUI component to rich edit text, with ability to upload images in this component. I understand that this is not free products but I'm ready to pay for license because now I haven't ability to edit html text with images and tables.
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