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  1. Hi, Can someone explain what is the property ISAPIOptions -> AsyncMode, in Server Module ? I had a problem with ExportToFilter(quick report), then checking option to 'true', I solved this.
  2. Hi! Me too. In my computer it works. qrpMCP901.ShowProgress := false; qrpMCP901.Prepare(); qrpMCP901.ExportToFilter(reportPDF); But, in IIS server, the error occurs here: qrpMCP901.ExportToFilter(reportPDF); Then restart application.
  3. Hi, Professional Edition. Application(DLL) is on IIS.
  4. Hi guys! I have the same problem, using quickreport(ExportToFilter): Invalid session or session Timeout. Restart application Can someone help us ?
  5. Now I need to abort the query post when there are required fields to fill. Example: void __fastcall TMainForm::qryLoginBeforePost(TDataSet *DataSet) { // This would be the function using // UniSession->AddJS(this->WebForm->JSForm->JSName + ".isValid()"); if(!isValid()) { Abort(); } }
  6. Perfect man, I need exactly this. One more question.. for function "isValid()", I could some return value for abort "Post" of the query?
  7. Hi. - In property "Script", of the MainForm I add "Ext.QuickTips.init();"; - In the fields, I add "allowBlank=false" on afterRender (ExtEvents); function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { sender.allowBlank = false; } - Then validation for required fields is apply on exit. It's ok ; So, I need validate all fields, but, on click the button. (Sorry, I don't put images in post).
  8. Hi folks! I'm doing a validation in the fields of the form, using "Ext.QuickTips.init();" and "allowBlank=false", in Ext Events. This is works on exit, but, how can I use in the event "onclick" of the button ?
  9. Hi guys! How can I validate the fields in the "onclick" event of the button ? Tks!
  10. Very good man. How can I validate the fields in the "onclick" event of the button ? Tks!
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