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    File not found...

    I've developed a UniGUI application and have sent it to the client for installation on there systems, In the log there are a lot of these errors... [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\ext-\locale\ext-lang-sv.js The application was developed in English and is deployed in Swedish Locale. The missing file is not on either installation of UniGUI I have access to, but there is one called "ext-lang-ve_SE.js" which appears to be the Swedish transaltions for EXT. Any suggestions, or can I just copy the sv_SE file to just SV?
  2. RumDoodle

    Filtering a DBComboBox dropdown

    Doesn't this already happen if I just expand the ComboBox without entering any text?
  3. RumDoodle

    Filtering a DBComboBox dropdown

    Thanks, but those appear to only work when entering a value into the ComboBox. If no value is entered then the list is empty, if a value has been selected previously and subsequently cleared the old value is used for the list filter. Is there no way to use the expand and collapse ExtEvents to set and clear a filter on the DBLookupComboBox store?
  4. RumDoodle

    Filtering a DBComboBox dropdown

    The source dataset for the lookup is "code", "description", "enabled". "Code" is the key field, "description" is the value displayed. "enabled" is either 1 or 0, if 1 then make the record available in the drop down list.
  5. RumDoodle

    Filtering a DBComboBox dropdown

    I have a combo box with 20 item. Of these 20 item Only 10 are "enabled", and want the drop down selection to be only these 10 items. The other 10 items are required in the list for legacy data display purposes.
  6. RumDoodle

    Filtering a DBComboBox dropdown

    It is possible to filter a DBComboBox on dropdown/expand?