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  1. In our solution we host some third party webapplication in a subfolder of our webapp. Within this webapp there is some AJAX functionality and a file upload function. How can I get access to these requests at server level? AJAX request is done from this URL: http://my-app/upload/test.html, where http://my-app/ the UniGUI application is. Thanks in advance for your help! kind regards, Jan Rutger Voorhorst
  2. Is it possible that I enable Grouping in a UniDBGrid, but that I initially leave the field Grouping.Fieldname blank? Currently when I do that, the menu options 'Group by this Field' and 'Show in groups' aren't displayed in the pull down menu of the column titles. So by default I don't want any grouping done, but I want to give my end users the possibility to use it if they want to. Br Arend
  3. Hi, I created a unibutton on the fly, this works fine. BUT: I like to change the style by using css with ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add, this doesn't seem to show any difference. The button inherits the settings from x-btn instead Any clues? ps: applying ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add to unibutton which is created at design time does work! procedure TMainFormV2.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); var st:string; nwbtn:TUniButton; Begin st:='OnBeforerender=function OnBeforerender(sender) '+ ' {'+ 'sender.cls="btngray";'+ 'sender.overCls="btngray-over";'+ 'sender.
  4. Hi, I like to change the font color of a button when I move my mouse over it. To achieve this I changed the css: .x-btn { background: white !important; } .x-btn-over { background: black !important; } But this doesn't work.
  5. Found the solution already: by adding !important also IE is accepting the changes
  6. Hi, I needed to alter a buttonstyle on my form so I changed the class in OnBeforeRender: function OnBeforerender(sender) { sender.cls='btnblue'; sender.overCls='btnblue-over'; } And I added the below settings in the CustomCss of the Servermodule: .x-btn { border-radius: 0px; } .x-btn-over { background: #777777; } .btnblue { background: rgb(3, 123, 189); } .btnblue-over { background: #77ABD8; } This works fine in Chrome and Firefox, but in Internet Explorer 10 the background color isn't changed. Anyone know how to fix this?
  7. Hi Farshad, thanks for your quick reply. Documentation of Uploadify client side: http://www.uploadify.com/documentation/uploadify/implementing-uploadify/ Documentation of Uploadify server side (this should be the hardest part for uniGUI): http://www.uploadify.com/documentation/uploadify/customizing-the-server-side-upload-script/ Beside PHP there is also a ASP.NET server page available in Uploadify. At the client side you point to a server page where the uploaded file will be stored to disc (in the example below: uploadify.php). $(function() { $('#file_upload').upload
  8. Hello, since some time I use UniGUI for web development. For a project I use Uploadify for uploading files from client to customer, since it has more feedback to customer than the built-in uploader of UniGUI. For the Uploadify part I use ASP.net on IIS. Not as keen as I want, but it works. Please could you help me some steps in the right direction implementing Uploadify in a Unigui project? Client side is no problem, I can add the code to UniHTMLFrame, but I cannot find where to handle server side of the Uploadify call. Is it possible to hook on at a low level to server Get or Post?
  9. Hi Farshad, just another little question about the GridEditor demo. Could you explain the working of the background image? Where can I find and change it? regards, Jan Rutger
  10. Super, I am very happy with this ;-) Thanks a lot and regards!
  11. Hello everybody, please could anyone explain me the working of the GridEditors? I checked the example project, but cannot see where the relation between gridcolumn and component on hidden panel is set. Thanks in advance, Jan Rutger
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