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  1. Hi

    I told that I could do that for you. Let me know if you need a quote.

    1. andyhill


      Yes Fred but you must understand I cannot pay every time I need to do something.

      The RDP did not meet my expectations, also with the WhatsApp project I was of the understanding that there was going to be an update ?

      Kind Regards

    2. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier

      If RDP4uniGUI not meet your expectation, what did ? It was available to TRY BEFORE BUY ! Like I always do.
      Have you see noVNC ? is exactly the same JS code and used worldwide in any CloudServer hosting service. Have you download the original from Cybele I sent you ?

      And what in the whatsapp project is missing to work ?  There is no update to WhatsApp project. I was planing another example using THE SAME MATERIAL, THE SAME COMPONENT that is already there. But not for now because just had 3 sales. So for now, no planing wasting time on that.

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