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  1. sertatar76

    beforeinit in runtime

    Thanks, what you need. Added name and it works
  2. sertatar76

    beforeinit in runtime

    Probably not, I did not quite understand what was meant
  3. sertatar76

    beforeinit in runtime

    Hi I wanted to clarify to the "When creating a control dynamically" I need to recreate chart. ... FreeAndNil(UniChart1); UniChart1 := TUniChart.Create(Self); UniChart1.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Add( 'chart.beforeInit=function chart.beforeInit(sender, config)' + '{config.colors = ["#556677", "#112233", "#995577]}'); ... It not work.
  4. sertatar76

    How to change series color in TUniChart

    FMSoft_uniGUI_Professional_1.50.0.1475 I change color for TUniBarSeries. What am I doing wrong? ChartsBarChart.zip
  5. sertatar76

    Leaflet Map + Unigui

    Fixed and updated to Leaflet 1.3.1 LEAFLET_NEW.rar