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  1. Hi Stas! Thank you so much for your answer. I now got it working using the following configuration: uniservermodule.urlpath=/demo my nginx.conf looks like this: location /demo/ { proxy_pass http://mycomputer:8077/m/; } It was really simple but you have to pay attention to the correct definition of the proxy-pass-parameter ..../m/; Hope this helps other developers in this forum. BR, Bob
  2. Hi! I have a simple question and already spent hours crawling this forum and do try and error. I am using a unigui "Standalone Server" on a machine "mycomputer" which is working fine by opening the following URL: http://mycomputer:8077/m In my network there is a NGINX-Webserver called "mywebserver" which already is serving webcontent. This server is able to access "mycomputer". The plan is to configure this NGINX-Webserver as a reverse-proxy so that the URL http://mywebserver/demo/ serves the unigui-application. My question is: what exactly do I have to configur
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