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  1. Would be great if you in next version would be able to make sure all form controls had the same generic properties published through the Delphi interface.

    Today I find it hard to easily design forms as some controls have some properties published but others haven't got them. 

    For example is the FieldLabelFont avaiable in TUniDbNumberEdit and in TUniDbDateTimePicker, but not in TUniDbEdit and TUniDBFormattedNumberEdit?

    Alignment is not available in TUniDbDateTimePicker and in TUniDbLookupComboBox? (Also that some controls don't have LayoutConfig published that I've as well commented in another thread.)


  2. ...... from link below



    Another important difference from classical model is that in classical model your application is able to access all available session objects while in HyperServer each Node can only access sessions which are created by that specific Node. Needless to say that each Node holds a set of sessions which are isolated from other Nodes. If you need to query all of the sessions then you need to use different methods such as saving session information in a database table. You can simply create a row in the table when session is created and remove it when session is freed.

    see this link more info:


  3. ok, what is missing is that you also need to add a lookup field in your table1 query. This is the field that you should show in the Unidbgrid. (The CustID can be hidden)

    Something like the below. So in the fields editor select "New Field". 


  4. You need to specify also the datasource and datafield in the uniDbLookupcombo. They would normally be set to the same datasource as the unidbgrid. So in your case datasource should point to table1 and the datafield should be the CustID. 

    (and the listsource should be set to the customer datasource. Keyfield = ID and ListField = Customer)

  5. Thanks! :rolleyes:

    (I had to change from 24 to 26 on the below in the package file as I'm using a newer version of Delphi.)




      uEchoHightChart in 'source\uEchoHightChart.pas';

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  6. Sure. during/before first use - FlexCelDllInit 

    when done/to release - FlexCelDllShutdown

    FlexCelDllInit Method

    Use this method to initialize FlexCel when encapsulating it in a dll.

    Note that you don't normally need to call this method, as FlexCel is initialized automatically. But when you are hosting FlexCel inside a dll instead of the main application you need to call this method before calling the methods in the dll. Currently, this method will just initialize GDI+ when running in Windows, because GDI+ can't be initialized from the dll itself. When you use this method, always call FlexCelDllShutdown before closing your app.

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  7. Hi, 

    We use week numbers a lot. Our users/clients use them in the dialog with their customers.

    How can the uniDateTimePicker and unidbDateTimePicker be reconfigured to also show the week number (iso8601 week number) on the left side when the monthly calender is shown?

    Left - date picker calendar unigui - right other example from Outlook - with the week numbers marked with yellow.

    image.png.24cb8557b910387ee5a56fa7688af544.png     image.png.6048647879c9bf568d97adac37724589.png

    Below sample js script for calculating the week number.

    Would appreciate if someone with good knowledge in UniGui how to reconfigure the calender...

    function ISO8601_week_no(dt) 
         var tdt = new Date(dt.valueOf());
         var dayn = (dt.getDay() + 6) % 7;
         tdt.setDate(tdt.getDate() - dayn + 3);
         var firstThursday = tdt.valueOf();
         tdt.setMonth(0, 1);
         if (tdt.getDay() !== 4) 
          tdt.setMonth(0, 1 + ((4 - tdt.getDay()) + 7) % 7);
         return 1 + Math.ceil((firstThursday - tdt) / 604800000);

  8. Hi, 

    For system reasons the time value when change a ttime field by using the TUniDbDateTimePicker need to be hh:59 instead of the default values in the listbox hh:00, hh:15, hh:30, hh:45. How is it possible with js-code to replace the default listvalues with i . e "00:59","01:59","02:59"......"23:59"?



    UniGui Professional version

  9. Hi, 

    Still a newbie when it comes to javascript and ClientEvents... (Would appreciate some help from Serzod/DD or somebody else)

    I've a form with a lot of TUniPanels (created dynamically with InsertControl. Layout=Table). On the panels are many tUniCheckboxes placed. As there are so many checkboxes I would like to change the background color on the parent TD when the checkbox is checked and cleared when the checkbox is not checked. See example where I've manually set one TD to background-color lightskyblue.

    How can this be done with javascript and ClientEvents? (I suppose I need to add a javascript function that is called onchange or onchangevalue, but I'm not able to get the parentNode correctly etc..) There are also other functions that dynamically checks/unchecks the checkboxes, so important that the ClientEvent not only responds on onclick, but also when the other functions checks/unchecks.



    Unigui version uni- (desktop).


  10. Hi

    when running flexcel from a dll there is a procedure you first need to load. Don’t remember the name and is away from computer but ive Done a post here some time ago so you should be able to find it here or also more info at flexcel website

  11. Found the solution - so post it here as well if somebody else is getting the same problem.... A special init is necessary if calling the 3rd part from a dll. Simplest is just to call the DllInit before using it and DllShutDown whe done. 


    procedure CreateReport;
          //Code that uses FlexCel

  12. Hi, 


    I use a 3rd part tool from TMS Software - called Flexcel for creating excel files. It in general works well.


    However a part of it is also for creating a pdf-file out of the excel-file. This works well as long as I run the application as an exe-file on my development pc, but when instead run it as an dll on iis, I get an access violation in ntdll.dll.


    Anybody having any clue what might causing this kind of exception in IIS/ntdll.dll but not as an exe? 


    Access violation at address 77EADE33 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000014