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  1. I resolve this editing the isstar.htm of my IIS 7 server, i just edit this file to redirect to my .dll <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="0;URL=http://http://dpsoftwares.no-ip...nagementWeb.dll"> This work fine for me
  2. You must comment out a compiler directive in the first line of your project. later i'll guive you the full name of this directive DP
  3. I have a function to calculate MD5 hash of a string that work fine in a win32 app but this same function fail on unigui return a empty string function TFLogin.MD5(const text: string): string; var md5 : TIdHashMessageDigest5; begin md5 := TIdHashMessageDigest5.Create; Result := LowerCase(md5.HashStringAsHex(text, TEncoding.ASCII)); md5.Free; end;
  4. Now i can access to my app from outside with this address http://dpsoftwares.no-ip.org/mywebapps/RealtyManagementWeb.dll Now how can i configure IIS 7 to when i type http://dpsoftwares.no-ip.org/ go directly to http://dpsoftwares.no-ip.org/mywebapps/RealtyManagementWeb.dll in other words i just want type http://dpsoftwares.no-ip.org/ in the address bar. Regards
  5. I just configured my router to forward all http trafic (80) to my IIS server and the problem persist
  6. Good Evening I just configured IIS 7 + ISAPI on my pc to run my unigui app, on my PC all work fine in this address http://localhost/mywebapps/RealtyManagementWeb.dll but now i want exposed my app outside to the internet, i used no.ip as DNS i have this domain configured http://dpsoftwares.no-ip.org i try this http://dpsoftwares.no-ip.org/mywebapps/RealtyManagementWeb.dll but dont work what other thing im missing, do i have forward port 80? Regard
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