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  1. Wajeed

    Show hide UNIhtml frame

    anybody there to support ?
  2. Wajeed

    Show hide UNIhtml frame

    On a Uniframe,I have a button and a UniHtmlframe. UNIHTML frame is set false (serverside delphi code) on formcreate. On Button click, i load some html stuff in unihtml and visible true (Serverside delphi code)- everything goes right. My question. how to hide unihtmlframe when i click anywhere in the frame outside unihtml.
  3. Wajeed

    How to use this css in unigui's edit(s)

    1 up
  4. Wajeed

    Bootstrap on unidbgrid

    Thanks a lot
  5. Wajeed

    Bootstrap on unidbgrid

    Hi qsslNorm, Thanks for your reply. Appreciate if you can together a simple uniGui + Bootstrap grid . This will be very much helpful for me to proceed further.
  6. Wajeed

    Bootstrap on unidbgrid

    Thanks for reply, Ok, Let me try again. but can u pls answer one question. bootstrap class to applied to UNIDBGRID or not ?
  7. Wajeed

    Bootstrap on unidbgrid

    anybody please
  8. Wajeed

    Bootstrap on unidbgrid

    Another noobie question. I am trying to apply bootstrap to unidbgrid. Watched the following youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92SuxmWfufo while i am able to understand how to apply bootstrap cls to unibuttons. I am not able to figure how to apply bootstrap cls to unidbgrid body. (same as shown in video). Pls suggest.
  9. Wajeed

    Passing Variable to Javascript

    Thanks bro,
  10. Wajeed

    Passing Variable to Javascript

    Thanks, works perfect. Now, i cannot do the same in Uniframe. Self.WebForm.JSInterface.JSAssign('myvar', [2356]); gives error undeclared indentifier webform. may be i am missing some files in uses class. please help
  11. Wajeed

    Passing Variable to Javascript

    Newbie to unigui and javascript, I am trying to pass variable from a unigui form to javascript.I tried two methods as discussed in forum First method on Mainform.oncreate Self.WebForm.JSInterface.JSAssign('myvar', [2356]); on same form button1 clientevents(ExtEvents) , I tried to access the variable function click(sender, e, eOpts) { var n1 = MainForm.windows.myvar; alert(n1); } nothing happens. ----------------- Second method on Mainform button click procedure TMainForm.UniButton2Click(Sender: TObject); begin UniApplication.UniSession.AddJS('var myVar = 1'); end; clientside(Extevents) function click(sender, e, eOpts) { var n1 = uniVars.myVar ; alert(n1); } i get undefined alert message at runtime when i click the button.
  12. Wajeed

    [Solved] UniTreeMenu Filter

    Gabriel, My friend can u please upload the solved source in the forum, it will be helpfull for newbie like me.
  13. Wajeed

    Questions & Answers

    Hi, I have downloaded UNIGUI trial edition and creating some simple applications. Kindly clear my following queries. 1) is there any loyalty for applications created using UNIGUI ?. Can i install the created applications in different server without any additional cost ? 2) After my subscription periord expires, will my applications work ? 3) Can i create new Application / Modify existing application after subscription period expires ?