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  1. almusx

    How to use Toasty.JS ?

    Hi, can you help me to use this push.js library on my program? https://pushjs.org/ https://github.com/Nickersoft/push.js/archive/v1.0.12.zip Its show a Desktop notifictation by the browser. I appreciate your help with this, thank you.
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  3. almusx


    Someone know how to use this javascript library to show desktop notifications from browser. https://pushjs.org/ https://github.com/Nickersoft/push.js/archive/v1.0.12.zip in the demo page you can see the notification is displayed even if the browser is minimized, i want to know if its possible to do this on unigui because i want to develop a call center app and need to show notifications on desktop or some type of browser notification that blink the app tab or something else.
  4. almusx

    Formatar Unichart

    Alguém sabe como formatar os números no gráfico para moeda (R$ 0.000,00)?
  5. almusx

    Format Chart Numbers

    Is it possible to format the numbers in chart for currency (R$ 0.000,00)?
  6. almusx

    Chart Format

    uniGUI Complete Trial Edition (uniGUI Equinox)
  7. almusx

    Chart Format

    Is it possible to format the numbers on a chart for currency (R$ 0.000,00).
  8. almusx

    Flat Speedbutton

    Its possible to make all the speedbuttons flat like in delphi using css?