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  1. This Error message generetad is new updated versions uni- / 1398 version. install uni- versiyon build same code is working now.
  2. setStoreRow is not defined htmlmemo kullandığımız bir sayfada bu hatayi aliyoruz sebebini bilen varmidir ? Unugui Versiyon uni- ajax mesaji içindeki değerler şunlar OA61.show();setStoreRow(OA1A,0,2147483647,{0:25,_0:"",1:8340,_1:"",2:0,_2:"",3:0,_3:"",4:"",_4:"",5:"",_5:"",6:"",_6:"",7:"09.06.2017 13:20:36",_7:"",8:"",_8:"",9:"",_9:"",10:"",_10:"",11:219,_11:"",_r:0},false);_cgds_(OA16);OA1A.loadPage(1,{params:{start:0,limit:25,options:1}});_sfv_(OA69,0,"");_ssz_(OA61,751,251);_ssz_(OA69,743,243);
  3. Hi. i am using trial version now. develop test project and running local is everythings ok. but standalone server install server windows server 2012. we cant call our url. this. http://localhost:8077/server is work correct running (ServercontrolpanelForm) is showing but http://localhost:8077/create exception Cannot connect to server on host 'localhost': No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. Socket Error Code: 10061($274D) How can i do ? is that a trial limitation or another problem
  4. Thanks for fast response. Yes you are right. i have been remove and complate clear all old installation. fresh download unigui last trial edition. and test again several times click unidbgrid its worked fine.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm try unidbgrid and found this problem. several times clicking unidbgrid. (fired UniDBGrid1SelectionChange load another data another query.) repeat severel times click click click screen freeze and screen disable. moved query mainmodule, show wait mask when another grid loaded, view database and query result response everything normal. i cant found any solutions. i have been used rc1.00 version thanks
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