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  1. david_navigator

    "loading ..." in the browser.

    Error 5 is access denied. My guess is that the first instance of your program is still running so the linker can't over write it. Take a look in Windows Task Manager.
  2. david_navigator

    Is Parcel Purchase possible?

    US$75 a month (for the Complete version would be good for me) - much easier than a one off payment as this amount doesn't need authorisation from my bosses. Min 1 year contract - after year 1, you have the same money as if a one off payment, but after year 2, you have more money than a straight renewal.
  3. david_navigator

    Is Parcel Purchase possible?

    I notice that PayPal also allows installments - would this be a possibility for users elsewhere ?
  4. david_navigator

    dbgrid oncolexit

    Marvelous. Thank you.
  5. david_navigator

    dbgrid oncolexit

    This doesn't work for me as I need to know what the user typed in the cell/edit box (UniEdit1.text - the attached control - never updates its text property) and as the attached field is a calculated one, then the field doesn't reflect what the user typed either, so for me the edit event mentioned by mohammad would be ideal. Tried something like this in the UniDBGrid ExtEvents function validateedit(editor, context, eOpts) { alert(editor.value); } but that just returned "undefined"
  6. david_navigator

    dbgrid oncolexit

    How do you use the edit event shown above ? There doesn't seem to be cellModel.edit event listed under ExtEvents
  7. I have a dbgrid linked to Table A. I have a calculated field in my database, depending on the value of field 1, the data displayed in calculated field 2 either comes from table X or table Y. This works well. I also have a UnitEdit control as the Editor control for field 2. If the user creates a new record in the grid, then I want to get what they typed in column2 (UniEdit) and save it in either table X or table Y as appropriate. However I don't seem to be able to get this data. I presume that because field 2 is calculated, none of the field events (onChange, OnSetText) get fired nor is the field actually updated i.e in the Table A onBeforePost event, field 2 has the value that was calculated rather than the value the user typed in to the control. How can I retrieve the text in the control ? I've tried UnitEdit1.text, but that always seems to return the design time value of the UnitEdit1.text property, rather than what the user typed.
  8. david_navigator

    uniGUI version

    Great thanks. This is more ammunition for me to get my boss to buy sooner
  9. david_navigator

    uniGUI version

    I often see someone asking what version of UNIgui is being used - Trial or Full. Is this because the code is different and thus something might not be possible with the trial or is it because registered users get faster/better support than trial users ?
  10. david_navigator

    String Grid - mouse down - which cell ?

    Many thanks. Obviously I have a lot to learn about javaScript What's the difference between "this" & "sender" ?
  11. david_navigator

    unidbgrid direct input

    Couldn't agree more. I really miss some of the features in DexExpress grids.
  12. david_navigator

    String Grid - mouse down - which cell ?

    I need to find out which string grid cell the user clicked in. With the VCL there's the MouseToCell method which can be used with the Grid OnMouseDown event, but that doesn't exists for the UniStringGrid. I tried adding an ExtEvent for cellmousedown, hoping that would give me the correct info function cellmousedown(sender, td, cellIndex, record, tr, rowIndex, e, eOpts) { ajaxRequest(sender, '_cellmousedown', ['CellIndex='+cellIndex,'RowIndex='+rowIndex]); } But the OnAjaxEvent doesn't get called with that EventName. So how can I find out which cell the user just clicked in (The OnSelectCell is no use for me as I want to count the number of clicks in a cell and OnSelectCell only gets called when the cell changes). Thanks David
  13. david_navigator

    Google Charts Hint issue with UniURLFrame

    If I run a Google chart in a regular browser I get a popup hint when I move my mouse over the control (Not sure why I can't embed a screenshot here) https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Photos/Sample%20Album/hint.jpg (see above the red line) If I run the same code in a UniURLFrame, the hint appears when I move my mouse over the chart, but it appears at the bottom of the control and with no formatting. (see above image below the red line) Am I missing a property somewhere ? What can I do to get the correct formatting ?
  14. david_navigator

    Newbie String Grid questions

    Hi yes, still using the trial edition. My boss wants to see a working prototype before he'll let me buy the full version (he got stung before with a competitor product). I have a string grid. Column 0 contains an integer. The use can navigate around the string grid using the arrow keys on the keyboard. This is normal behaviour. If the user hits the + or - key on the keyboard, then I want to increment or decrement the value in column 0 in the current row. Now that I've got the OnAjax event working, I can just use delphi to change the value of the cell, but I'm thinking it would be better to do that in javascript, client side. Is this right or does it make very little difference ?