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  1. Hi My uniTreeMenu contains a lot of submenus. Now you must click the triangle to dropdown the submenu...you Always have to navigate to the right. How can i dropdown this submenu when i click somewhere on the menu item and not specific on the triangle. When it click the routine has to check if the submenu is dropped, if so then close the submenu, if not...then open the submenu Regards Peter
  2. Hi My dbgrid has 2 columns and in options i set Options.dgColLines = false In the title the column lines are visable...any suggestions ?
  3. You're the best...thats working perfect
  4. mierlp

    uniDBGrid and navigate by code vs uniDBNavigator

    Hi Delphi Developer Same result when using the example [DBLookupCombox - GridMode] This behavior is only when you set : WebOptions.Paged := False and use the navigation in code it WON'T work propertly with the dbnavigator it works When you set WebOptions.Paged := True and use the navigation in code it WILL work propertly The problem is...we would use a clean grid with no pages
  5. Hi I have a uniDBGrid and a uniDBedit on the form Both are connected to the same datasource. On the uniDBGrid is use the uniDBGridKeydown event with this code : if key=vk_home then begin dmBank.Bank.First; end; if key=vk_end then begin dmBank.Bank.First end; When i hit the END button...the uniDBedit contains the content of the LAST record BUT the uniDBGrid will NOT navigate to the last record. The same is when hitting the HOME button. BUT when i put a dbnavigator on the form and connect it to the same datasource and use the first/end buttons then it's working and the unidbgrid will move the the correct record. I use : - Delphi Tokyo 10.2 update 2 - uniGui - MySQL Data Acces Component (myDAC from devArt) 9.2.6
  6. mierlp

    Font Awesome icons

    hi I've downloaded the latest beta version and use the example Demo\Desktop\uniTreeMenu In this example in the uniNativeImageList you can select the Font Awesome icons, but there are not all the icons. The Free version has about 990 icons and the pro 1780. How can i add more Font Awesome icons to it or when buying the Pro pack how to integrate them. Regards Peter
  7. mierlp

    Font Awesome icons

    Someone a suggestion how to add more Font Awesome icons. The NativeImageList shows only a couple of icons
  8. mierlp

    Printing directly

    Hi, On our the dutch Delphi forum i got this a possible solutions.Didn't had time to look at it. www.neodynamic.com/products/printing/raw-data
  9. mierlp

    UniGUI Add-on Theme Pack 1 Released!

    Great job..i will order them
  10. mierlp

    New themes...Work in Progess

    Hi Gerhard Any progress when available...and where to donate ? Regards Peter
  11. hi I upgraded to the lateste version of uniGui and when running my application it got error message regarding 'unknown localhost' and the second one is the memory leak. This was working till now...I use myDac from DevArt for connecting to a LOCAL mySQL database. The DevArt myConnection component is on the 'ServerModule' and this component contains the connection properties like Localhost. Do i have to put the myConnection property on a 'main' datamodule ? Regards Peter
  12. mierlp

    Exception EMyError...unknown localhost

    myConnection configuration is ok...and working....see attachment. Also when i set the status on active for the query component the data is visible. The version of myDac i use is from april and latest one. Normal VLC applications don't have this problem Created a new test application wiith a: - myConnection component - myQuery - myDatasource Also when i activate them i see the data and the database on localhost can be found. When running the application i get a socket error 10022
  13. Hi I use unigui with uni_mac theme. On the form i place a pagecontrol but you alway see the gradient gray color as background at the top, see image with the red arrow How to remove it and make it my own color, in this case white Regards Peter p.s would be nice some extra properties for a pagecontrol like - tabheight - tabwidth - tabspacing (between tabs) - tabposition
  14. mierlp

    New themes...Work in Progess

    Looking realy realy nice and interested in this. Let us know what you want to do with it..donation or selling.
  15. mierlp

    New themes...Work in Progess

    Hi GerardV Is there any update about a release data or do you sell it ? Regards Peter
  16. Hi Seems there is a old 'bug' back : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6079-unidbgrid-afterscroll-not-fired/?hl=afterscroll Same behavior same situation when manual scrolling dbgrid the AFTERSCROLL event is not executed. When using a dbnavigator then the AFTERSCROLL is executes. I'm using : Delphi Tokyo 10.2 uniGui myDac component mySQL database
  17. mierlp

    New themes...Work in Progess

    If you need help with testing let me know
  18. mierlp

    New themes...Work in Progess

    when will they be available ?
  19. mierlp

    New themes...Work in Progess

    Looks very nice
  20. mierlp

    Suggestions for nice outline icons/png

    Thanks..i think i'm going for a subscription on flaticon...the have nice icons
  21. hi i'm looking for new professional outline icons/png for use in uniGui Buying is no problem if it's a good icon pack Any suggestions/links ? Regards Peter
  22. mierlp

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    Ruslan Don't have to be expensive. Depend on amount of cores you need. These are legal license and i buy them also there. https://www.google.com/search?tbm=shop&q=windows%202016%20sever%20license#spd=15133507900565528223&spf=1523045369736 for a VPS server you don't need a Windows Server license..that's included
  23. mierlp

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    I think it is only said that TMS can be a possible competitor. Nobody knows how fast or how good it will be. TMS, of course, also sees opportunities but can also die a silent death just as quickly. Many frameworks have already been developed and just as quickly went into the refrigerator. With every framework it is waiting to see what it will be ... that was also with uniGUI. I myself do not have a need for Intraweb because it's not working for me and our application Promotion through uniGui can be done through various channels and there is no sales department required. The market in frameworks and components is very small. The costs for a sales department in relation to the turnover on the framework is very high. You have to sell a lot of licenses to be able to pay a month's salary and all social charges. Most component suppliers have started like Farshad and when they grow they invest in developers. Look at Elevatesoft, FastReport, DevExpress, Raize components, QuickReport etc. all smaller companies and do not need a sales department to sell their product. Developers look for each other, - like on the forum, and hear and see products, research components and see what is applicable. I have never bought a component through a sales department but by researching on the internet or hearing from other developers. The world has changed ... also from Windows business applications to web applications. That is what I think most of us are doing. We use uniGui to transform our Windows applications into web applications or build new applications in uniGui. That is not for nothing. A web application that is not browser and device independent will not save it in the near future. Not for nothing do suppliers build multitenant SAAS solutions. Of course there are still many standard Windows business applications, but they will also change compleetly/partially and support mobile (device) use. When I look in the Netherlands where I work for a company with 2,500 employees with 400 applications, everyone has a Windows Surface or a Dell laptop as their workplace. Every desk is equipped with a docking station, keyboard, mouse and screen. No more fixed workplace but a flexible workplace. You can work in a conference room, on the train or anywhere else. The new workplace concept that we are developing will be even more based on mobile devices and thus responsive applications. Many software suppliers already make the choice to build a new version as SAAS applications and browser and device independent. The biggest example and success is Microsoft in this. From traditional Windows Office applications to Office365 or Office Online and works on any device..and...it's responsive design. So it is a short turn to say that responsive is for housewives. Perhaps the use of tablets differs per country. Within our company is 78% tablet and 22% laptop user. When I look at Windows or Linux VPS servers, the prices are not far apart. But I can imagine that this is different per country. https://www.strato.nl/server/vps-windows/ https://www.strato.nl/server/vps-linux/ And on a VPS server you can of course install mySQL for free Still, I see little Linux business application developed and choose software companies for Microsoft / Azure. It is good to think about the choices we are going to make ourselves. I am particularly interested in the road that Farshad is going to take. I can not imagine that he will not follow this topic . Everyone has their own view of things and I appreciate and respect that...and it keeps a discussion lively.
  24. mierlp

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    I do not think that Farshad needs to hire salesmen but must make a choice about how to go on for the futher. I think there are a few options: - if you develop further at this rate you will be overtaken by the competition with other products like TMS for example - focus primarily on development and inventory what is really needed for an "adult" product. For the time being, no new features, joining ExtJS versions/templatessic state. Service & support via forum as it is now. - be taken over by competitors - provide extra developers The hiring of sales people only makes sense if you want to reach a large target group and a product is ready for all parts including service and support. I have presented uniGui in the Netherlands to Barnsten 2-3 years ago and they are selling it now. This can also be done at the distributors in other countries. If the product and service and support are good, the target group can also be reached through other ways, you do not need salesmen. I myself also faced this dilemma with our Event Management Software. For me, Delphi and programming is not my main task but a hobby that got out of hand. This software is seasonal in relation to the period of festivals, good and extensive software solution, little to no competition, self developed etc. I didn't had the time to promote the software to other events or provide service and support during the event or on multiple events at the same time ... On my own i can't do developing, and promoting and service/support and multiple events. Now I work together with someone who does the events for me and that gives me the time to develop. You can already develop beautiful web applications with uniGui and we see that every day on the forum. But there is more need among current developers to continue faster. As mentioned earlier there will be a time where you have to make choices and that applies to Farshad but also to the developers. I do not know what developers will do if it turns out that TMS WebCore can deliver a comparable product within 6 months because they can develop faster. I would be sorry if I have to switch because it has more functionality for example. uniGui is a very nice framework with all the advantages of Delphi, everyone agrees. Can not hurt to think about the future About the sponsor..ExirBox but also irDevelopers and Board4All
  25. mierlp

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    Everyone agrees that Farshad has developed a great framework. Where many other frameworks die a silent death, uniGui has become an almost mature framework. I understand GerhardV's remark very well. We want to develop faster if Farshad can build. Sometimes it is a few default properties for a component that you miss and that you still have to solve with extra code in eg ClientEvents. Extra detours, extra code that you easily forget. Like every one-man business, there will be a tipping point that you can not handle it anymore, maybe just too little turnover to hire someone extra. That is something Farshad has to decide for itself, but personally I think that it needs extra capacity. uniGui will have to develop faster, making it even better and more mature. As a result, other developers will certainly also become interested in uniGui. There are currently no good and mature frameworks such as uniGui. I have also tried Elevatesoft Webbuilder but can not be compared to uniGui, much too cumbersome to link a database, for example. TMS Webcore looks nice in the video but performance is still bad but will quickly develop into a mature framework. There is a team behind and TMS is of course known to Delphi developers. I am still happy with uniGui but uniGui needs to become more mature more quickly, to connect faster with the new version of ExtJS. Components must be provided with more standard properties, as with the standard delphi components.The above is, of course, no reproach to Farshad because it is incredibly handsome what he has developed.