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  1. Yes Edit2 and Edit3 have to be next to each other, not below
  2. Hi Dominique I don't know if your Listsource contains only 1 field or 2 fields where the 2nd is unique. You could then show 2 fields instead of 1 field in your dblookupcombobox. You can enter multiple fields with your Listfield, separated by a ; Another alternative could be to create a calculated field and display it in your Listfield
  3. When you set LayoutConfig.width and a % that works, see attachement But what's not working is the fields next to each other and will be placed below each other. Maybe it's not possibel to put them next to each other ?
  4. Hi A very simple testcase attached. In the menu click 'Show frame2'. You see 2 uniFieldcontainers, both are resizing when the form is resized The next step is that the Edit fields also resizes in width, so they must be a percentage compared to the uniFieldContainer2 uniEdit2 and 3 must be stay next to each other Regards Peter TestCase.zip
  5. See the mockup for illustration for what i need. See attachment when I make the following adjustments: - set uniFieldContainer2.Layout = fit - place a uniFieldSet on unFieldContainder2 with the fields - Result = they will be resized BUT edit2 and edit3 will be below each other instead of side by side
  6. Hi First use the myConnection component. For testing click the right button and choose for CONNECTION EDITOR. Now set server, port, username, password, database and click DIRECT. I put the myConnection on the MainModule. Then you can use a datamodules with TQuery components and set tMyQuery.Connection to the TMyConnection component. In code it's about the same: myConnection.Server :=''you're ip address''|; myConnection.port= 3306; myConnection.Username := 'username'; myConnection.Password := 'password'; myConnection.Database :='databasename'; myConnection.Conne
  7. Hi Like Abaksoft i use many barcode readers without any problem. The Ctrl-J i think is a barcode reader setting. Reset you're barcode reader or set it to the correct country code. A simple test, enter manual the number in the edit field and hit the enter key to see what happens. If searching is going well, than it's a setting in you're barcode reader. Typing the value is the same as what you do with scanning without the extra characters If it has the same behavior maybe you have some code in the onkeydown or something else
  8. Hi Sherzod THanks...one question...how can i keep the dot line for the whole row
  9. Hi Well...that certainly helps..think about 50% faster...thanks
  10. Hi When i set in a dbgrid the option: - RowSelect = True - AlwaysShowSelection = True and i click on a row why will be the cel selected instead of complete row...see image. Am I missing something (which is Always possible ?
  11. Hi Ron, How does 'regulard DB polling to see if there is something to be printed.' working to print a document with a local printer.? Regards Peter
  12. Hi The forum website is very slow..also searching... and if found and move to next page...it takes about 10-15 seconds for next page. Not my internetspeed
  13. i need to pas the string of the datasebase field showform (it can be show of showmodal) to the FORM. But something like this is not working Form.+table.fieldbyname('howtoshowform').asString; or Form+'.'+table.fieldbyname('howtoshowform').asstring; or with quotedStr(table.fieldbyname('howtoshowform').asString i can do something like this but there must be a more elegant way if table.fieldbyname('howtoshowform').value = 'show' then form.show else form.showmodal
  14. Hi Hayri The code works great ...but is there a way to use the show or showmodal also from database. Every records contains the formname and the way how to show the form, this is a string field How can i use: Form.+table.fieldbyname('howtoshowform').asstring; that it will show the form
  15. Hi, My application contains around 90 tables for lookup use. Because I do not want to put this in a menu - it is getting too large, I want to do this in a database.The user sees a dbgrid with 2 columns: - table name as I would in the menu, for example, Type Payment - explanation in the form of a short sentence When the user double clicks on a line, the screen must be opened.In the database I save: - FormName (formTypePayment) or frmTypePayment (file name) - how to open 'show' or 'showmodal' So the form is already part of the application and normally I would call it F
  16. mierlp

    send sms

    The easiest way is bulksms.com. my example is based on bulksms and works great. Send every day about 200 sms with a unigui and vgl application. Just create an account with bulksms and use my example. Replace the dummy username and password with your bulksms account and you van send messages
  17. mierlp

    send sms

    I'm back in a couple of days and will upload the project again
  18. Already installed..looks great...thanks Gerhard
  19. Hi You also have to disable the OPTIONS property: - soShowMessage - soWaitCursor AnimatedStatus = False
  20. What doesn't work and what did you try?
  21. thanks...but that would be to easy and is not working
  22. Hi Sherzod When trying : if UniMainModule.GetFormInstance(TFormTableBank, False)<>nil then begin FormTableBank.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCall('toFront', []); end; or FormTableBank.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCall('toFront', []); is NOT working
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