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  1. JohanC

    Is there a possibility to rotate the UniImage?

    Hi Gerhard, Thanks, it works ! Johan (South Africa)
  2. JohanC

    Is there a possibility to rotate the UniImage?

    Hi Sherzod, Yes I agree, the logic I can figure out I do not know where to insert the variable in the JS code. It works if I use 4 Buttons, but that is rather ugly
  3. JohanC

    Is there a possibility to rotate the UniImage?

    I would like to rotate the image 180 degrees when I click the Button the second time. And 270 degrees when I click it the third time And undo the rotation with the fourth click Can you please help?
  4. JohanC

    Position of showmessage

    It works very well thank you Johan
  5. JohanC

    Position of showmessage

    Many Thanks, I will try it Johan
  6. JohanC

    Position of showmessage

    I would like to specify the position of the ShowMessage dialog. (It normally shows in the screen centre) Thanks Johan
  7. I did some more "research" I managed to get the example App working with a mp4 video file, but not with a flv file. And I had to find settings in Google Chrome to allow the mp4 file to be played by the example App. In Microsoft Internet Explorer it works with the mp4 file without fiddling with IE settings. In Microsoft Edge I had no luck at all. Just thought I should share this Regards Johan
  8. Yes I did, I also tried the uniPanel, same problem, Microsoft Edge and Chrome gives no response, Microsoft Internet Explorer says "Video not found or access denied". I am compiling the App as an exe file which I then run on my development PC (local) Regards Johan
  9. I implemented all instructions, when I run the WebApp, the video does not show, what am I doing wrong Thanks Johan