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  1. fredycc

    MVC pattern in UniGUI vs traditional coding to form

    There is a project called MVCBr, is based on DMVC I guess and include a example for uniGUI, maybe can help you about it. https://github.com/amarildolacerda/MVCBr It would be great to integrate uniGUI with frameworks like DMVC easily. Regards
  2. fredycc

    401 (Unauthorized)

    Hi Farshad, we are still interested in uniGUI but we hope to quit RC in addition to Linux support. And for now I was testing the new implementations and surfing the demos with grid (arrow pad) and suddenly froze. It is probably a problem with some security settings on my local computer. regards
  3. fredycc

    401 (Unauthorized)

    I'm using trial version build 1384, when I use arrow pad to move into a datagrid very quickly for example fish fact example the screen freezes. When I check the console the next message is displayed multiple times: I need a extra configuration for avoid that error?. Thanks
  4. fredycc

    Authorization via SMS on UniGUI

    Thanks... looks interesting Regards
  5. fredycc

    Mobile layout - login screen design

    Great example... I can see you use CSS for the look Just a doubt, how to set maxlength for edit in mobile version? I try follow: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/7211-tunieditmaxlength/ without success. Thanks
  6. fredycc

    WebSockets & UniGUI

    Hi uniGUI team . In the trial version I could not find any demo on implementing websockets through uniGUI. I have worked a bit with esegece components for FMX and VCL but this feature would be great in uniGUI specifically in the DBGrid as the demo through KendoUI or notifications http://www.esegece.com/websockets/demo. I do not know whether to achieve it only with uniGUI or a websocket standalone server like esegece . Thank you.
  7. Hello Bruno. We wish you could share. regards
  8. fredycc

    Google calendar in your Unigui App !!

    Wow, thanks for share... regards
  9. fredycc

    pdf417 create

    Thanks for share your project Looks very usefull. Regards
  10. fredycc


    Looks very nice Congratulations. Regards
  11. fredycc

    QRcode decode encode

    Thanks. regards
  12. fredycc

    Google Earth for uniGUI

    Wow... Amazing job Thanks
  13. fredycc


    Excelentes noticias !!! Saludos desde México
  14. fredycc

    VFlota ONLINE Demo

    looks nice regards
  15. fredycc

    uniGUI and Lazarus

    Yes, would be perfect regards