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  1. Hello Sherzod ! We also are in the need of such a functionnality! Any workaround ? (: Cheers,
  2. Hello, any news on that matter ? Regards, M477H13U
  3. Hey Sherzod, thanks for the answer !! There is a problem with editor's event : col.getEditor().on('keydown', function(field, e) { as it is never fired! Did I miss something ??:O But I managed to extract field value with this code, if anyone need it ! function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, oldColumns, eOpts) { columns.forEach(function(col){ if(col.getEditor()){ console.log(col.getEditor()); sender.on('keydown', function(e, t, eOpts){ console.log(e.keyCode); if(e.keyCode == 115){ ajaxRequ
  4. Thanks for the quick answer Looking forward to see your workaround
  5. Have you even open my project ? Everything is detailed in the header of the form .. Anyhow, here's the gif you asked
  6. Indeed, I am quiclkly editing a cell and by pressing my Key, I would like to extract the new value. It is done with TUniStringGrid.Cell[Row, Col] Is there a way to achieve the same thing with uniDBGrid ?
  7. Hello there! we found another issue on sorting. The aim is to apply a sorting profil to grid when it is opened. Currently we are simulating header click/sorting as following: UniSession.AddJS(UniDBGrid1.JSName+'.store.getSorters().add(new Ext.util.Sorter({property: 0,direction: ''ASC''}))'); It is working properly except for the first column of the grid. Data seems to be sorted but pictogramme is not showed. How could we do So ? Would you suggest another approach ? With the hope of reading you promptly,
  8. Hello there uniGUI ! Did you have the time to check my simple test case ? I am looking forward for a solution!
  9. Hello there ! Any news on that matter ? Regards,
  10. Hello Sherzod! Sorry for the delay, I did not had time to manage this issue. You can find bellow a testCase that highlight the issue I am talking about ! Can't wait to read you ! TestGridEdit+KeyDown.7z
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