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  1. M477H13U

    UniDBGrid.CurrCol not updated

    Done ! (;
  2. Hello Sherzod! Sorry for the delay, I did not had time to manage this issue. You can find bellow a testCase that highlight the issue I am talking about ! Can't wait to read you ! TestGridEdit+KeyDown.7z
  3. M477H13U

    UniDBGrid.CurrCol not updated

    Just tested it with last trial build; same behavior !!!
  4. M477H13U

    DBGrid Clientside Sorting

    Okay, then what do you suggest ? (:
  5. M477H13U

    Column move + sorting

    Aloha Sherzod and uniGUI users ! (: I just tested it with trial latest build and I have the same behavior ! :/ What do you suggest ? Regards,
  6. M477H13U

    Column move + sorting

    no answer at all ?
  7. M477H13U

    DBGrid Clientside Sorting

    Hello Sherzod! you can find the testCase bellow ! Can't wait to read your reaction ! (: Regards, TestGridSorting.7z
  8. M477H13U

    DBGrid Clientside Sorting

    Hello Sherzod, Yeah I know this post, and yes my config.multiColumnSort is set to true. I think that this issue append when your datas are already sorted and that you sort request does not change it. In that case only, event multiColumnSort is not fired. Can you reproduce ? if not, I will make a testCase tomorrow! (I already tested it in a minimalist project). Regards,
  9. M477H13U

    DBGrid Clientside Sorting

    Hello UniGUI users ! (: I have a question concerning sorting.. at the moment, I cancel a specific sort like that: UniSession.AddJS(uniDBGrid1.JSName + '.getStore().sorters.remove('+IntToStr(UniDBGrid1.CurrCol)+');'); UniSession.AddJS(UniDBGrid1.JSName+'.getView().refresh();'); If it's the only sort that was on the grid, the order of aggregats does not change. Then if I wants to apply the same sort on the same column, sorting is indeed visible on the interface, but event UniDBGrid1MultiColumnSort is not fired.. is this normal behavior ? What can I do to force the fire of this event ? (We have our own logic so it is unfortunate if event is not fired..) Regards,
  10. M477H13U

    UniDBGrid.CurrCol not updated

    Hello everyOnes ! (: I want to highlight the fact that when you have a grid with options [dgTitles, dgIndicator, dgColumnResize, dgColumnMove, dgColLines, dgRowLines, dgRowSelect, dgConfirmDelete, dgMultiSelect, dgAutoRefreshRow] the property UniDBGrid1.currCol is not update when you navigate with keyboard. I made a testCase to highlight this issue, attached to this post. Nb: Build 1458 here. Regards, testCurrentColumn.7z
  11. M477H13U

    Column move + sorting

    Hello everyones! (: I just noticed what seem to be an issue with column moving and sorting (Has not tested it on recent build; mine is 1458): Just take demo project GridColumnSort and add Grid Option "dgColumnMove". Then apply a sorting on second column. ThereAfter, take column three, and move it to second position. It is still second column that is sorted even though it is suppose to be the third one due to the column movement.. Any workaround ? Regards,
  12. M477H13U

    TUniDBComboBox with ITEMS+VALUES

    RegisterComponents('DINO UniGUI', [TxUniDBComboBox]); fail to properly register component.. do you have any idea why ?
  13. M477H13U

    Bind TuniDBLookupCombobox to DBGrid column

    Up ? Is it normal that uniDBLookupCombobox.gridMode does not have the same behavior in a grid and outside a grid ? :/ You can find a testCase below that compare behavior of such a component inside and outside a grid; both component are linked to same TField. Indeed, the one outside the grid does show us the listValue (as configured) wherease the one inside the grid show us the KeyValue .. Any idea ?? TestDBLookupCombobox.7z
  14. M477H13U

    Launching a grid and Focus

    OKay, but what about the difference with dgAlwaysShowSelection ?