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  1. They should change so that 1.1 and 1.2 are enabled by default in Indy.
  2. Unable to activate license since company started using iboss security. SSL/TLS settings need to be changed on your server?
  3. New situation. I have five team members created and visible in customer portal and a five-member license. I need to create two new members (replacing two existing ones). But cannot. I go to product, select license and add user. But the create new user button is greyed and I only see the existing five.
  4. Excellent work! Thank you very much.
  5. davor242


    Thank you David. To readers: How much interest among members of the forum to have David present a two day workshop/training in Europe?
  6. There are a few tutorials in Portugeese. Here is a one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKSxuwUQROI If you don't speak Portugese you can at least probably follow with the screencast what he is doing. It is pretty straightforward. If you are familiar with DataSnap but NOT familiar with UniGUI/Ajax then your biggest obstacle wiill be understanding the architecture of UnIGUI - not the actual process of consuming datasnap services.For this http://unigui.com/resources/online-documentation/developer-manualis excellent.
  7. Guys, it was a simple question regardinging UniGUI + DataSnap, not a request for DataSnap alternatives. Nick, what do you want to do?
  8. Open position available for a Delphi developer in Sweden at a large multinational coorporation. * Near Stockholm (1hr) * Merits, experience with any of following: UI (2D/3D), DB, Reporting, Web, Industrial Automation, PLCs * Both "traditional" (pre D2009) and "modern" Delphi is used * 5+ years of professional experience and proof of work required * English is required, Swedish is a big bonus. * Must relocate
  9. Ping! Några fler där ute?
  10. davor242


    My team would be interested in training / workshop / deep-dive - UniGUI best practices, UniGUI + DB, UniGUI + Reporting, UniGUI customization etc. Do you have any plans on offering such? In English 1-3 days Location at traners convenience
  11. Thank you very much! I wasn't aware of dkDisableF5. Worked beautifully. Additionally, after a quick google, I added this to MainForm.Script: window.onbeforeunload = function() { return "You will be automatically logged out if you proceed with this action."; }; ... To answer your follow-up question: It is all about reducing the number of support call when users loose their work.
  12. First of all, excuse my newbiness. What is the current best practice, easiest, user-friendly way to have a session "survive" a F5 refresh? Ideally, F5 refresh should bring the logged in user to the exact same state. I understand that metadata (user,pwd,id) can be stored in a cookie. But that lacks the session state. Can a session be restored from a cookie? Do we have to manually track the state and restore it in a new session? I am very new to all this so, if possible, could someone please explain why F5 Refresh has such a complete amnesia effect?
  13. https not http no problem with http here, just https.
  14. https://unigui.com/shows IIS7 landing page. I am sure this has been noticed by other but a kind reminder - it looks bad.
  15. Not an expert here, but I believe that this means that the runtime cannot find your Sencha Ext Js and/or UniGUI packages. This is on your developer machine, i.e. where UniGUI is installed? Try reinstalling UniGUI.
  16. FMX for Linux and VCL for Linux are particularly interesting when you look who is behind these, namely Eugene Kryukov. I don't know the details on how/why/when he left Embarcadero by judging from the activity he is still very much on-board the Delphi train. He works for Image-Line these days (makers of FL Studio, possibly the best looking and definitely sounding app written in Delphi hehe).
  17. Thanks. Works excellent. For reference: license manager assigns license automatically and actions to create new members are only available when there is an unassigned license.
  18. I have now two licenses on my account. Now do I add a team member?
  19. Thank you, Farshad. PS. unigui online store stills says Beta.
  20. Hi, How does Team Management work? How do I extend an existing license with additional seats? How do I add members to the Team? Are all Team Members equal, multiple admins - how about transfer of admin rights?
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