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  1. fredmontier

    All About Call Outs, Tips and Hints

    Of course... all the files are on the main folder. How you gonna use or distribute... is up to you. Be careful with ISAPI format.
  2. Another example from the "All about..." series. This time, about Tips, Hints and CallOuts Three examples to put some fun in your programs. One example was collected from this very forum and others two from the HTML/Javascript World. Could not find the original post to give the credits and link... .sorry pal. Have fun... Projeto7-Callouts_Hint_Tips.rar
  3. How about let us configure it as was done in Additional Server page recently ? We could be free to put more options there. And of course, "Open in Browser ...", as suggested above. and "Pause/Stop" and so on..
  4. fredmontier

    All About YOU

    Another example from the "All about..." series. This time, about user's session info. Some information is a little harder to find like your real IP. I´m note talking here about the IP address between client/server session but you Internet real IP. If you´re running your server and client in the same machine it will only result to localhost/ Here (look at the image provided) the IP is my real connection to the public Internet and the local IP is my Network local IP. They are both different from uniSession.remoteIP info. Another useful information is Geolocation that you can get a relative position via IP connection in most browsers device even without GPS available. This example shows how to do it and how to locate in Google maps (the easy part...). It's not precise as GPS is but you can easily resolve to the Country and and City by that retrieved info (coming soon in next version). Have fun Example08uniGUI-AllAboutYou.rar
  5. From the "All about..." series, my second contribution to the community All about Form Transparency using images and gradients. That´s all folks ... AllAbourFormsTransparency.rar
  6. fredmontier

    transparent login form

    Never mind... worked... Late night programing syndrome with too much coffee...
  7. fredmontier

    transparent login form

    Hi Mohammad.. Is there a way to do the same with the other forms or just the login form and why ? I've tried the mainform and other but not working. Only LoginForm class.
  8. fredmontier

    Remote Informations

    Simple: unisession.RemoteIP It's embeded in the session. Otherwise, the server would not "howto knows" where to send the data.
  9. fredmontier

    All about the Badge

    ...and thanks to the original post from Delphi Developer He originally adapted the BadgeText plugin.
  10. fredmontier


    See new demo at http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/10762-all-about-the-badge/ Thanks... and your JS correction is credited in the source code.
  11. fredmontier

    All about the Badge

    A repository project showing how to use the Badge plugin updates and manipulating its properties. Enjoy it. Projeto23-All_About_The_Badge.rar
  12. fredmontier


    Works perfectly... thanks. { Você poderia escrever um manual/livro para nós sobre a integração do Ext.JS com o uniGUI pois ando apanhando muito nisso ainda. Não especificamente no JavaScript mas no Ext.JS para o uniGUI. E como parece que é a maior autoridade sobre o assunto com os seus componentes, seria muito útil e certamente teria muita procura. Este é o calcanhar de Aquiles do framework: falta de documentação. Eu e um monte de gente... }
  13. fredmontier


    Hi there... Using XXX.1463 / Tokyo and noticed that in this particular example using your plug-in for a badge effect the button is cutting off the off-set badge's area as shown in the image. It used to work in prior versions. Somthing due to the sencha Ex.JS version upgrade ? Any tip or work around it ?
  14. fredmontier

    Using QuickReport with PDF Download

    , Search for that unit and verify your project's search path.
  15. Example using QuickReport and uniGUI with download... enjoy ! Projeto3-QuickReport.rar