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  1. Hi

    I told that I could do that for you. Let me know if you need a quote.

    1. andyhill


      Yes Fred but you must understand I cannot pay every time I need to do something.

      The RDP did not meet my expectations, also with the WhatsApp project I was of the understanding that there was going to be an update ?

      Kind Regards

    2. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier

      If RDP4uniGUI not meet your expectation, what did ? It was available to TRY BEFORE BUY ! Like I always do.
      Have you see noVNC ? is exactly the same JS code and used worldwide in any CloudServer hosting service. Have you download the original from Cybele I sent you ?

      And what in the whatsapp project is missing to work ?  There is no update to WhatsApp project. I was planing another example using THE SAME MATERIAL, THE SAME COMPONENT that is already there. But not for now because just had 3 sales. So for now, no planing wasting time on that.

  2. I've sent you paypal link/request.

    See your waterful168@gmail.com

  3. Send me your e-mail and I will send back a paypal request for payment.

    Send the code right after.

  4. Hi there

    my paypal account suporte@emailprospector.com.br

    or send msg via whatsapp/telegram at 55-11-98620-7676

  5. All code became a package with 59 projects for sale for $ 59,90 USD via Paypal


    Link to paypal at the page above.

  6. Speech Recognition is ready for some time if you haven't noticed already.


  7. Speech recognition is already available here .. for some time now, if you haven't seen it yet.

  8. In the example http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13073-print-screen/

    How to get the form image... since it does not have a jsId ?

    I'm trying to make a example with  your code. Work ok puting a simplepanel  but I want to get really the form space.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier

      Yes... but i didn't find appropriated since it uses an external third party util. And the convenience of save exactly the controls you want is more interesting (as you did).  

      Anyways, tested with a simplepanel as background to the form and work as the same. I just don't find it the correct solution.

    3. Sherzod


      i.e. do you want to take a screenshot from UniImage?
      But UniImage itself is a image (a screenshot) :)

    4. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier

      No... Like printscreen with more control over what to select. And once a print using theform are would be a good solution to support ..

      Se the example below, not published yet.


      www.unigui.com.br-uniGUI Does PrintScreen.rar

  9. I put some new example about digital signature with desktop and mobile support at same time.

  10. Hi there...

    There is very similar component from Falcon, is it based in your code ? Did you authorized ?  Was already in public domain ?

    Your code still free, as in "free meal" ?

    I'm trying to put a public and free uniRX (-ish) type library for uniGUI community and I want to ask you permission to include uniGMaps.

    Would you allow it
    Care to join us in this endeavor . ?


    1. lema


      Wow, I just saw your message.

      I was away from Delphi Web development and uniGUI for a looong time...

      Yes, the uniGMap is free.

    2. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier


      uniGUI has a GMap component but I haven't the time to update my things. And there is a projetc uniGUI OpenSource that is going on. I'm not involved with it at this time but soon will make a package with all stuff free for uniGUI.  Similar to RX project lib for Delphi endured for so many years.

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