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  1. jaromir

    unidbgrid direct input

    I agree as well. I use dev express grid and my customers use keys + tab to enter data. As well last column tab should add new row. It is very important for us.
  2. jaromir

    GarbageCollector class - what do you think?

    One more thing. You have to place dll from FastMM bin next to Your exe. It is something like FullDebug...dll.
  3. jaromir

    GarbageCollector class - what do you think?

    Hello Stan I’m not at screen at this moment so I give You only brief. First You have to enable FullDebugMode in FastMM configuration file. You have to remove dot at proper line. Next You have to enable „include debug info” at compilator options. After next build You can execute app. During app close, if any leak will be detected You will see detailed log file with code lines whitch makes leaks. Don’t forget to disable including debug info in next builds because it makes exe much more bigger in size. Best regards Jaromir
  4. jaromir

    GarbageCollector class - what do you think?

    Hi. For me it is not good idea. What do You want to achive ? Cleaning memory after application close ? For me leak is mistake / error and I want to repair all this mistakes. I use fastmm or similar solution with full debug mode. All leaks should be repaired at place where they appear. Cleaning all leaks at app close is dirty solution. Your app can work long time without restart and it should consume as small amount of memory as possible.
  5. jaromir

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    I’m sorry my friend but perhaps You don’t understand what unigui is and what it works. It is a lot of reasons to have unigui at Linux. For me Windows is a bigest disadventage of unigui. We wrote a lot of Unix/Linux deamons in delphi which are compiled at target hosts at FPC. It works like a harm with remobject soap/binary protocols and with zeos database support. I mean quite big production systems working from years.
  6. jaromir

    TUniCombobox - property Images

    Thanks Sherzod. Any chance for image combobox control ?
  7. jaromir

    TUniCombobox - property Images

    Hello, Question about "Images" property at TUniCombobox control. I desperate need combobox with images at items but this is not what I need. What is property "Images" purpose ? Regards
  8. jaromir

    Update to UniGUI Add-on Theme Pack 1

    Hello Gerhard It’s a great news. I begin use Your themes and results are great. When this updates will be abailable ?
  9. jaromir

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    I'm using UniGui and I'm scared. The father released code with using UniGui the more "So if…" I'm sorry - I'm very sorry about this approach but what If something wrong happened with Mr. Farshad.
  10. jaromir

    Localize TUniPdfFrame

    Thanks Delphi Developer. I'll be waiting.
  11. jaromir

    Localize TUniPdfFrame

    I don’t know. At my system it doesn’t work. The same under ios for example. But it doesn’t matter. How can I set this lang ?
  12. jaromir

    Localize TUniPdfFrame

    Hello, I know that localization is taken from browser but sometimes it fails. How to localize manually TUniPdfFrame ? Thanks.
  13. jaromir

    Unigui guide - pdf vs Live video conference

    Mohammad, Thanks for Your support. In my oppinion live will be beter. But You should think about any fee for this task.
  14. jaromir

    Action OnUpdate

    Yes. It doesn’t work.
  15. jaromir

    IDERA acquires Sencha

    Isn't mean end of Sencha upgrade possibility for UniGui ? I understand that current licenses regulations are valid. But I don't belive that new owner will be interested to sell upgrade for market rival.