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  1. jaromir

    UniFileUploader - Filter property - doesn't work?

    SayeyeZohor - What about this ?
  2. jaromir

    Ext JS 6 - pressedCls, overCls

    So what is the link for desktop ? Ok - I see now - sorry: https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.5.3/classic/Ext.button.Button.html#configs
  3. jaromir

    Ext JS 6 - pressedCls, overCls

    No. We use desktop version. After change UniGui from 1.10 to 1.50 config.pressedCls and config.overCls - stoped working. At now I found this: https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?297433-Pressed-CSS-for-Button Is this right solution (config._pressedCls) ?
  4. jaromir

    Ext JS 6 - pressedCls, overCls

    Hello, In previous UniGui 1.10 we used event 'beforeInit' for buttons and we put custom css for pressedCls and overCls styles. Now we move to 1.50 which use Ext JS 6. According to manual at: https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.5.3/modern/Ext.Button.html#configs there is not possible to use this fields any more. What is the new aproach for changing buttons css for pressed and over states ? Thanks.
  5. jaromir

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    Gerhard in new uni-dusk theme grid header is different. Font is orange which - only at this theme. In my opinion previous was better. In all other themes grid header font is dark. Is it easy to change to previous ? Edit: And there is a problem with combobox at FireFox.
  6. jaromir

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    I’m really suprised about so small response here. I don’t know how many persons use this theme pack but for me this is MUST HAVE !!! It’s like devexpress for delphi.
  7. jaromir

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    I love You Gerhard. Great news.
  8. jaromir

    TUniImage Draw and Update

    Hello nimarufa, I use Your code to replace TUniCanvas which makes GDI leaks for me. I think that You don't need to create var image. It is enough to call (after png save): UniSession.AddJS(Format('ajaxRequest(%s, "ImageUpdated", ["ImageUrl=%s"]);', [fFrame.JSName, lUrl])); And in Ajax frame event: if SameText(EventName, 'ImageUpdated') then UniSession.AddJS(Format('document.getElementById("preloaded_image").src = "%s";', [Params.Values['ImageUrl']])); So it is not necessary to create global url variable.
  9. jaromir

    GDI Objects count

    Thank You.
  10. jaromir

    GDI Objects count

    Can someone tell me what is Your GDI Objects count ? How many sessions peak and uptime ?
  11. jaromir

    GDI Objects count

    Hello, What is Your real GDI Objects count ? In my simple app (max 12 sessions) after 11 days it is more than 700. But it still growing day by day. Maybe I have some leaks at 3rd party code ? Should this objects count be smaller and greater according to sessions count ? Thanks.
  12. jaromir

    Active form class name / caption / name

    I made this this way. But this is workaround. I'm pretty sure that better way exists. TDMMain = class(TUniGUIMainModule) private { Private declarations } fLastFormInstanceClassName: String; public { Public declarations } function GetFormInstance(const InClass: TClass): TComponent; end; function TDMMain.GetFormInstance(const InClass: TClass): TComponent; begin fLastFormInstanceClassName := InClass.ClassName; Result := inherited GetFormInstance(InClass); end; TDMServer = class(TUniGUIServerModule) procedure UniGUIServerModuleException(Sender: TUniGUIMainModule; AException: Exception; var Handled: Boolean); end; procedure TDMServer.UniGUIServerModuleException(Sender: TUniGUIMainModule; AException: Exception; var Handled: Boolean); begin SendEmailMessage(DMMain.LastFormInstanceClassName, AException.ClassName, AException.Message); end;
  13. jaromir

    Active form class name / caption / name

    As described above. I send debug e-mail from OnException server module event handler. In this e-mail I want to put window name / class name where exception was raised. Is it clear ?
  14. Hello, Is it possible to know actual (topmost) window name / class name / caption ? I'm hook my debug email system at DMServer.OnException and I want to know which app window has problem.. Thanks
  15. jaromir

    Update to UniGUI Add-on Theme Pack 1

    GerhardV, I'm also very interested in.