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  1. jaromir

    TUniCombobox - property Images

    Thanks Sherzod. Any chance for image combobox control ?
  2. jaromir

    TUniCombobox - property Images

    Hello, Question about "Images" property at TUniCombobox control. I desperate need combobox with images at items but this is not what I need. What is property "Images" purpose ? Regards
  3. jaromir

    Update to UniGUI Add-on Theme Pack 1

    Hello Gerhard It’s a great news. I begin use Your themes and results are great. When this updates will be abailable ?
  4. jaromir

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    I'm using UniGui and I'm scared. The father released code with using UniGui the more "So if…" I'm sorry - I'm very sorry about this approach but what If something wrong happened with Mr. Farshad.
  5. jaromir

    Localize TUniPdfFrame

    Thanks Delphi Developer. I'll be waiting.
  6. jaromir

    Localize TUniPdfFrame

    I don’t know. At my system it doesn’t work. The same under ios for example. But it doesn’t matter. How can I set this lang ?
  7. jaromir

    Localize TUniPdfFrame

    Hello, I know that localization is taken from browser but sometimes it fails. How to localize manually TUniPdfFrame ? Thanks.
  8. jaromir

    Unigui guide - pdf vs Live video conference

    Mohammad, Thanks for Your support. In my oppinion live will be beter. But You should think about any fee for this task.
  9. jaromir

    Action OnUpdate

    Yes. It doesn’t work.
  10. jaromir

    IDERA acquires Sencha

    Isn't mean end of Sencha upgrade possibility for UniGui ? I understand that current licenses regulations are valid. But I don't belive that new owner will be interested to sell upgrade for market rival.
  11. jaromir

    Upload, messages, button (browse)

    Hello, It is enough to connect visual components (buttons, panels etc.) with css class name (hardcode) - it is simple. Could You make it please ? Regards
  12. jaromir

    Upload, messages, button (browse)

    Hello, According above. How to customize Upload File dialog - colors, etc ? Regards
  13. jaromir

    ForceFit at runtime

    Thank You Marlon. I didn't know autosize. I wanted to forced fit only if all columns could have minimum designed size.
  14. jaromir

    ForceFit at runtime

    Solved. Thank You. grData.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values['beforeInit'] := Format('function (sender, config) { if (config.width >= %d) {config.forceFit = true;} }', [grData.Columns.ColumnsWidth]);
  15. jaromir

    ForceFit at runtime

    Thank You ! It works like expected. I tried to turn on forcefit in code when columns width sum is less or equal than grid size. Columns width sum is easy: TUniDBGridColumnsHelper = class helper for TUniDBGridColumns public function ColumnsWidth: Integer; end; function TUniDBGridColumnsHelper.ColumnsWidth: Integer; var i: Integer; begin Result := 0; for i := 0 to Self.Count - 1 do if Self[i].Visible then Result := Result + Self[i].Width; end; But unfortunately I can't get grid width at code. Grid.width is the same as in design time. Delphi Developer could You help again please ?