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  1. A.Soltani

    Happy New Nowruz

    Hi Happy New Nowruz 1398(2019-2020). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowruz Best Regards.
  2. Hi How to can access to message text by code in Delphi? and How to can set address in this line socket = new sgcWebSocket("ws://"); by Delphi ? I want set my server IP and read it from file. Best Regards.
  3. Hi Please share it.I don't find it on the package or internet. Best Regards.
  4. A.Soltani

    how to hiding Dll extension in the url in IIS?

    Hi I use the publicando_sua_aplicacao_no_IIS_ISAPI_Module.pdf and set my address to https://x.x.com. Now how to I can access ServerModule ControlPanel ? I want see my server ControlPanel in https://x.x.com/server Best Regards.
  5. A.Soltani

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    HI This is my first page.
  6. A.Soltani

    How to find that Report Builder file is Created?

    Hi Each report has an internal query that has difficulty accessing its data, and the result is empty. I wanted to know if you could understand how to create it in the following directory before reporting it. (lPDFDevice.FileName := UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl(False, 'pdf', '', '', Result, True) How to understand If Report Builder do not create the file in the top folder I use this command if Not(lPDFDevice.FileName<>'') then But It don't work correctly. Best Regards.
  7. A.Soltani

    How to find that Report Builder file is Created?

    Hi I use Demo function and don't have any problem.My problem is: If the query of related report is empty ,how to can you find out? And show message? Best Regards.
  8. Hi I use Report Builder for preview my report. If the query don't answer the report file don't created in UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl folder . I checked every time, no files created. And I want to not open the preview form if it is not answered, and the message of ( Not Found ) is displayed. How should I do this? function TrepDataModule.GenRep(const InvN: string): string; var lPDFDevice: TppPDFDevice; begin InvNum := InvN; OpenDS(); lPDFDevice := TppPDFDevice.Create(nil); try lPDFDevice.PDFSettings := ppReport1.PDFSettings; lPDFDevice.FileName := UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl(False, 'pdf', '', '', Result, True); lPDFDevice.Publisher := ppReport1.Publisher; // generate the report ppReport1.PrintToDevices; finally lPDFDevice.Free; CloseDS; end; end; I Insert if Not(lPDFDevice.FileName<>'') then Begin Showmessage('Not Found...'); Exit End; But all of time message showed. Best Regards.
  9. A.Soltani

    Lock Remote IP in Domain

    Hi This code is in C or Java?
  10. A.Soltani

    Lock Remote IP in Domain

    I use it,but when a user 3 time Mistakes in login credentials I block its IP,But all domain computers are locked. I want recognize Which computer in domain caused this mistake,and lock it. Notice that I use my Web application On internet.
  11. A.Soltani

    Lock Remote IP in Domain

    I want lock its IP that computer don't execute my web application. I want to get access to that computer from the application.
  12. A.Soltani

    Lock Remote IP in Domain

    Hi How to can lock IP of user in remote IP that Its computer located in domain,that domain have a valid IP. When I lock a IP ,all computer that locate in domain (valid IP) are locked. Best Regards.
  13. A.Soltani

    Check Key in OnColumnSort Event

    Hi How to I can check Control Key (Ctrl , Alt , Shift ) in OnColumnSort Event? I want do job 1 in OnColumnSort Event and when user press Ctrl and click on column do another job. Best Regards.
  14. A.Soltani

    UniCalendarPanel For Jalali Calendar

    Hi Please guide me for one solution way to convert UniCalendar to Jalai Calendar. Best Regards.