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  1. Dear all, Idera (the company that owns Embarcadero and Delphi) acquired Sencha !!!!!!! See the announcement at http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170825005086/en/IDERA-Acquires-Sencha-Strengthen-Developer-Tools-Business This I think means a wonderful future for UNIGUI ! Atanas Popov (general manager at Embarcadero/Idera) says: “It broadens the languages we support by adding JavaScript, and delivers broad synergies with our existing product portfolio. For example, Sencha Ext JS will provide a powerful Web Framework for Embarcadero’s RAD Studio to complement our native
  2. Hi Farshad, I have a Pro license of Unigui. I've installed it on Delphi Tokyo version. My developer machine is a VM. Now I upgraded my VM upping memory (from 4 to 6 gb) and the processor (from 1 to 2 core), but Unigui license and Unigui components are no more valid. How can I re-register Unigui, or should I reinstall package all from scratch. Best regards maurizio senaldi Techne Consulting
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