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  1. Thanks, it works fine. And I want to make the Browser scroll(vertical). Which is better? (1) UniServerModule->CustomCSS->Add : body {overflow-y:scroll !important;} (2)MainForm->Script->Add : document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].childNodes.forEach(function(el){if (el.tagName=="STYLE" && el.innerHTML=="body {overflow-y: hidden !important;}") el.innerHTML="body {overflow-y: scroll !important;}"}); Either CSS or Script works fine. Browser scrolls vertical. Which is better?
  2. Create new uniGUI Application, complie and run. At the browser, and see view-source of it. In this source, you can see <style type="text/css">.x-viewport > .x-body {position:relative !important;}</style> <style type="text/css">body {overflow-y: hidden !important;}</style> This may be default. How to remove or clear the body style, <style type="text/css">body {overflow-y: hidden !important;}</style> I use FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.50.0.1480.exe
  3. I want to show browser's vertical scrollbar when main page's vertical height is over screen height. How to do it? I use FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.50.0.1480.exe
  4. MyApplication can SendFile more than 100 files. for N := 1 to 100 do begin x_interval := 500; if UniSession.Synchronize(x_interval) then begin // Refresh the client at "X_INTERVAL" intervals ProgressBar.Position := N; end; Sleep(x_interval); UniSession.SendFile(Files(N)); end;
  5. I want to call JavaScript function in uniGUI. <script type="text/javascript"> function setItem(key, value) { localStorage.setItem(key, value); } function getItem(key) { return localStorage.getItem(key); } </script> Can I call JavaScript function in uniGUI? After calling setItem('test_key", "test_value") in uniGUI, can i get "test_value" by calling getItem("test_key") in uniGUI? Bets Regards.
  6. I tried to use html5 storage in uniGUI, but failed. How to use html5 storage in uniGUI? uniGUI version : FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_0.99.96.1332_Beta.exe Best Regards.
  7. I want to use HTML5 Storage(localStorage) in a uniGUI Application. In a uniGUI Application, how to write and read value from HTML5 Storage? Best Regards.
  8. Thanks, it works. UniServerModule.UrlPath is set when design time only, and cannot be changed at runtime. Is there any other problem when UniServerModule.UrlPath is set with a some value as like '/App1'? What is the function or role of the UniServerModule.UrlPath in uniGUI Application? Best Regards.
  9. I use Chrome and IE11. Attached demo sets cookie with a path, and get cookie. Best Regards. CookiesDemo.zip
  10. Thanks. I tried your code, but failed. When a path parameter exists, uniGUI's GetCookie cannot read the cookie value. Only the root path '/' is allowed to get the cookie value. When testing with "C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\Cookies Demo", this demo also cannot get the cookie value after Setting Cookie with a path parameter like '/App1' Please test again, and let me solve this problem. Best Regards.
  11. When Setting a cookie value with a path parameter, the value cannot be read. For Example, UniApplication.Cookies.SetCookie('_test1', 'can be read', Date+7.0); UniApplication.Cookies.SetCookie('_test2', 'can not be read', Date+7.0, false, false, '/app1/app1.dll'); UniApplication.Cookies.Values['_test1']; //This can get the value UniApplication.Cookies.Values['_test2']; //This cannot get the value UniApplication.Cookies.GetCookie('_test2'); //This cannot get the value How to get a cookie value with a path parameter? I am using regular version Best Regards.
  12. Thanks, Farshad Mohajeri At first time, my App failed when demo code was applied. And now I succeeded after inserting sleep() in for loop. Maybe each file size is too large(20MB)? Thanks again, uniGUI is GOOOOD! PS : Where are SyncClientUpdate - 2 and SyncClientUpdate - 3 I use Regular version
  13. My Application should have a procedure which downloads mult files about 100, each file size is about 20mb. I want to show progress while dowonloading. For example, UniProgreesBar1.Max := 100; for N := 1 to 100 do begin Unisession.SendFile("FileName" + IntToStr(N)); UniProgreesBar1.Position := N; Application.ProcessMessages; end; However, this coding does not work. UniProgressBar does not show the progress. What should I do to show the progress? Best Regards.
  14. Many Thanks. It works perfect. A few uniGUI Components and Controls have a problem applying it's Font when using the Unicode of 2 bytes Char(One Char has 2 bytes) They are ShowMessge(), MessageDLg(), Prompt(), Caption of Uniform and UniTabSheet, UniFileUpload, UniListBox and UniComboBox. Among them ShowMessge(), MessageDLg(), Prompt(), Caption of UniForm and UniTabSheet are solved by you, "Delphi Developer". The remains are UniListBox's Text and UniComboBox's Text at the DropDown Area. UniFileUpload also has a problem(Input Field and Button Text). The uniGUI Components and Controls may be perfect if the remains' Font applying is solved. None can solve this problem without you, I think. Best Regards.
  15. Fine, it works. Thank you, you an angel to me. I tried to change the Font of Button text in ShowMessage(), MessageDlg() and Prompt(), but failed. What should I do to change the Font? Best Regards.
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