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  1. Is it possible ? The default beaviour is to increase/decrease the value.
  2. alesf76

    Import spreadsheet information from excel

    I also tried to use the smimport component, but I always get an exception when executing the execute method. Did you used any special option ?
  3. alesf76

    DBGrid Clientside Sorting

    It works, but it doesn't handle toggling between ascending/descending. How can it be done ?
  4. alesf76

    Post on column exit

    Is it possible to post after exiting a unidbgridcolumn ?
  5. alesf76

    Post on exit

    Could it be done also with a dbgrid cell ? I tried but in the onexit event the dataset is "dsInactive"
  6. alesf76

    Checkbox column with null value

    I've mapped on a checkbox unidbgrid column an integer field with 0/1 values, that could also have a null value to be evaluted as a unchecked. How can I configure it ? Actually I get a "can't convert (null) to Olestr" when the row is posted.
  7. alesf76

    DBGrid with DBLookupcombo with keyfield<>listfield

    But in this example keyfield is equal to listfield
  8. Is there any example of how to use a DBLookupcombo where the key field is differente from the list field ? I tried but after editing I see the key field value in the grid instead of the list field value.
  9. alesf76

    DBGrid cell "copiable" but not editable

    It works! Thanks.
  10. Is it possible to make a cell "copiable", i.e. the cell content selectable and copiable in the clipboard, keeping it readonly ?
  11. alesf76

    Sorting DBGrid

    I've tried to find something in the forum and in the documentation, but I didn't found the answer: how can I make work the sorting of the columns ? If I click on one sortable column I get the grid refreshed but the sorting is not applied.
  12. alesf76

    Skip to the next line in a unidbgrid...

    Where this javascript have to be put ?
  13. Is it possible in an editable dbgrid to change the current edited field with the one in the same column one row under? Now the user have to press the tab button cycling through all the fields until it reaches the same field in the next row.
  14. alesf76

    Post on exit

    It works. Thanks.
  15. alesf76

    Post on exit

    I would like to obtain the same effect of pressing the "post" button on a dbtoolbar when the user exists from a dbmemo.