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  1. How to install two versions of uniGUI on the same PC in different Delphi, to be able to migrate your applications smoothly. is the Last Free Video Class of this Stage, the others are for Students and those who collaborate through the link: To Contribute, use the Link: https://pag.ae/7VU5_Rpuq Symbolic Value, whoever wants to and can contribute with more just change the number of items ... My WhatsApp (65) 9 8415-4118 My email: georges@angelsistemas.com.br Thank you and let's go with faith ... Como Instalar duas versões do uniGUI no mesmo PC em Delphi diferente, para poder migrar suas aplicações com calma. é a Ultima Vídeo Aula Free dessa Etapa, as outras é para os Alunos e quem colaborar pelo link: Para Contribuir, use o Link: https://pag.ae/7VU5_Rpuq Valor Simbólico, quem quiser e puder contribuir com mais é só mudar a quantidade de itens... Meus WhatsApp (65) 9 8415-4118 Meu email: georges@angelsistemas.com.br Obrigado e vamos com fé...
  2. Release of Extra Classes and Questions for the crowd to stay at home, in the fight against COVID-19. Liberação de Aulas Extras e Tira-dúvidas para a galera ficar em casa, na luta contra o COVID-19.
  3. GRFS2000

    UniGUI In-person Training

    Always seeking to help the developers, we held on September 9, 10, 11 in-person training for 5 people from Rondônia at the headquarters of Angel Sistemas in Cuiabá-MT-BR. Let's go, uniGUI in the vein, uniGUI forever.
  4. GRFS2000

    Error installing 1504 or 1506.

    When installing 1504 or 1506 in Tokyo gives the error of the image, I have tried everything, clean everything from the previous installation and it is no use, starting a new project when it will open the Form already gives the error, in existing projects the error in all forms. only 1502 installation was successful, but I noticed that the application started to freeze the screen, out of nowhere the application darkens as if it had called screenmask ...
  5. GRFS2000

    On-the-fly mask change

    Show, Top
  6. GRFS2000

    using Bootstrap on uniGUI

    Hello community! Unfortunately this is in Portuguese, but I would like to share with you a quick way to use Bootstrap in uniGUI. Bootstrap.rar
  7. GRFS2000

    Erro de memoria

    Realmente Memory Leaks é complicado, mas seguindo os passos e testando parte a parte consegue resolver meus amigos, tive também uns BO com Memory Leaks, por fim era duas StringList que eu criava e não tinha dado Free nelas,
  8. GRFS2000

    UniCalendarPanel, change settings

    In searching the forum I found neither on the internet nor how to change the UniCalendarPanel: 1. Start viewing by day and not by month 2. Being by day, show only the hours I want, example, from 8am until 6pm 3. disable a certain time zone, type 11am not possible to choose 3. Change the time division, this every 30 minutes, put 15 minutes
  9. Good afternoon community ... Here's a work I'm putting into the new uniGUI with extjs 6.5, remembering that there's an app in the Google Play Store (Guia da Serra MT) made with Android Studio that makes interactions with uniGUI, Call, Share, close App etc. .. Old Version: Extjs 4.2 http://ipapp.guiadaserramt.com.br/GuiaOnlineAnt.dll/m New Version: Extjs 6.5 http://ipapp.guiadaserramt.com.br/GuiadaSerra.dll/m
  10. Geralmente quem usa a versão 1397 é pirata, aí terá realmente vários problemas, se você tiver a licença original, use as versões mais recentes, se não tiver, busque comprar, quem é meu aluno tem 10% de desconto na compra e ainda pode parcelar em 12x com cartão bandeira nacional. Se não quiser adquirir o meu curso, ainda sim pode parcelar em 12x. O Farshad e sua equipe está fazendo um belo trabalho com o uniGUI, o valor que você investir na compra terá um retorno rápido com os webapp que fizer.
  11. GRFS2000

    sync label

    I need to run a client call to change a LABEL I do this: UniSession.AddJS(UniLabel2.JSName + '.setText("Georges")'); and then I need to get this value on the server, and I do this, but it does not come with the changed value but the original. UniEdit1.Text := UniLabel2.Text
  12. GRFS2000

    sync label

    Sorry, it was just to simulate the situation. I'll explain better, I'm testing ways to use Bootstrap, and I put the input html in the label, and I'd like to get the value typed there.
  13. Is there anything new? I needed to put a Time and in his event the routine to save the data, only passed the information from the Client side to the Server.
  14. I'm doing a similar procedure, I get an HTML via JavaScrit, it visually appears on the screen in uniMemo, but on the server side it says Memo is empty. I'm using uniGUI Extjs 6.5, has anything changed? how to do that on the server side I can capture the contents of Memo
  15. GRFS2000

    change the "back" text of TUnimNestedList

    Thank you. Very Good!!! I Love uniGUI!!!!
  16. Hello, how to change the "back" text of TUnimNestedList in uniGUI ExtJs 6.5 I tried this and it did not work function afterCreate(sender) { var me=sender; if (me && !Ext.isWindows) { me.getBackButton().setText("Voltar"); } } Thank you.
  17. GRFS2000

    migrating a mobile 4.2 application to 6.5

    I do not understand your questioning? But on the uniGUI Mobile, what I've noticed is a great evolution, many improvements and new components appearing, I believe that soon will be perfect. Our friend Farshad is doing a fine job.
  18. Hey guys! From the Menu Series, follow one more. Now a Native Side Menu, only with uniGUI components, using client and frame layout. Video lessons: Attached Source Code: Hope you like it! [PT_BR] Fala galera! Da Série Menu, segue mais um. Agora um Menu Lateral Nativo, somente com componentes uniGUI, usando layout client e frame. Vídeo Aula: Código Fonte anexo: Espero que curtem! MenuLateralNativo.zip
  19. the code is wrong. I checked via console.log. the value of (me.getScrollable () position.y === me.getScrollable (). getSize () y) It's never the same, and I did not figure out how to make the adjustment, for Desktop I thought, but Mobile did not. so I did a multiplication by 0.9 to adjust. Do you have a solution to this difference? var me = this; me.getScrollable().on('scrollend', function(event) { Ext.defer(function() { console.log('posfora:' + me.getScrollable().position.y); console.log('sizefora:' + me.getScrollable().getSize().y); if (me.getScrollable().position.y >= (me.getScrollable().getSize().y * 0.9)) { console.log('posDentro:' + me.getScrollable().position.y); console.log('sizeDentro:' + me.getScrollable().getSize().y); ajaxRequest(me, 'getProdutos', []); } }, 1000) });
  20. function painted(sender, eOpts) { var me = this; me.getScrollable().on('scrollend', function(){ ajaxRequest(me, 'getProdutos', []); }); } It was like this. but when rolling 50% it already makes the call ajax.
  21. rs rs rs rs, I had tried, but I had not put that .ON My friend, where do I find this information!
  22. perfect thank you! But I made an adjustment for my application, so at the end of the list it loads more products. it is perfect. function painted(sender, eOpts) { var me = this; me.getScrollable().getScrollElement().addListener('scroll', function() { Ext.defer(function() { if (me.getScrollable().position.y = me.getScrollable().getSize()) { ajaxRequest(me, 'getProdutos', []);} }, 1000) }); } I hope I did it right, if you have suggestions you can send me, thank you.
  23. As this code would be in the new uniGUI, I tested the new version and it does not work. Where to look for a reference of what has changed from extjs 4 to 6, in order to facilitate our migration.
  24. GRFS2000

    New Visual theme Emerald

    Show, very good, thanks
  25. In hybrid projects when placing JS files, Mobile stops working. But there is no mistake, does anyone have any tips? PagingToolbarResizer.js ProgressBarPager.js Searching.js