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  1. allenchow

    Emoji issue

    It's ok now . Thanks
  2. allenchow

    Emoji issue

    Is it possible to enter emoji from edit and show on HTML ?
  3. It works ! Thanks ! Previously I put 'msg' and 'text'
  4. Before using hyper server, I can download a file which was generated by program and store inside cache folder. But now (using hyper server) , it says access denied. Inside the log of hyper server, I found something like this : hyper_server.exe: 00001974: 14:38:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n2\2_2HZl52ZHTv102608721\Tmp_180905143850.506.msg. hyper_server.exe: 00001864: 14:39:14 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n2\2_2HZl52ZHTv102608721\Tmp_180905143907.866.msg. hyper_server.exe: 00001864: 14:39:20 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n2\2_2HZl52ZHTv102608721\Tmp_180905143907.866.msg. hyper_server.exe: 0000164C: 14:40:00 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n0\0_qqxr2uoVKc10260BB25\Tmp_180905143957.937.msg. hyper_server.exe: 00001840: 14:40:17 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n0\0_qqxr2uoVKc10260BB25\Tmp_180905144004.183.msg. hyper_server.exe: 00001858: 14:42:38 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n0\0_qqxr2uoVKc10260BB25\Tmp_180905144217.262.msg. hyper_server.exe: 00000BE8: 14:43:12 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n0\0_qqxr2uoVKc10260BB25\Tmp_180905144217.262.msg. hyper_server.exe: 00001544: 14:47:13 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n0\0_qqxr2uoVKc10260BB25\Tmp_180905144711.618.msg. hyper_server.exe: 000012EC: 14:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: G:\WEBERP\cache\weberp_exe\n5\5_rxree27e6D10260BD92\Tmp_180905144851.135.msg. Please advice how to fix it ? Thanks p.s. I'm using UniURLFrame
  5. allenchow

    Is possible?

    I think the investment for UNIGUI is really small and worth ! The main concern is Embarcadero Delphi whcih is too expensive !
  6. allenchow


    Try using Letsencrypt SSL, it's free. I used it without any problem
  7. As subject, will hyperserver clean up all bak files and folders automatically ? Or we need to delete manually by ourselves ? Thanks
  8. allenchow

    How do I get all the active sections in Hyper Server?

    It should work even the user refresh the browser. I implement it into a table : qysession : procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); var formattedDateTime : String; begin qysession.Open; qysession.append; qysession.FieldByName('ID').AsString := UniSession.SessionId; qysession.FieldByName('IP').AsString := UniSession.RemoteIP; DateTimeToString(formattedDateTime, 'dd/mm/yy hh:nn:ss', UniSession.LastTimeStamp); qysession.FieldByName('logdate').AsString := formattedDateTime; qysession.Post; qysession.Close; end; procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleDestroy(Sender: TObject); begin qysession.Open; if qysession.Locate('ID',UniSession.SessionId,[loCaseInsensitive]) then qysession.delete; qysession.Close; end;
  9. allenchow

    How do I get all the active sections in Hyper Server?

    ANyone can show us an example or demo code for implementing this case ? When I can get session id and his IP when someone is login and quit ?
  10. allenchow

    dbgrid color problem

    Any solution ? 1. for selected color 2. for wordwarp cell
  11. allenchow

    Change tabsheet font color with different condition

    Similar like this one Project1.zip
  12. allenchow

    Service can’t stop

    Don't know if it relates to this error : WebERP.exe: 00000188: 16:20:11 [indy]:EIdOSSLUnderlyingCryptoError : Error accepting connection with SSL. error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number : Addr: $007BC2C1 But I can connect with HTTPS with no problem.
  13. allenchow

    Change tabsheet font color with different condition

    The latest build. I think the problem is I put the code under a table afterscroll and check the value of current records. Maybe there are too many records inside the table, it gives me the error, and I dound the error contents are very long (with all record datas inside ) !!!