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  1. allenchow

    Use local installed MS-Word to edit documents

    I'm trying to use office viewer ocx http://www.officeocx.com/OfficeActiveX.htm or https://www.textcontrol.com/products/activex/tx-text-control-activex/overview/ (but not actual Microsoft word)
  2. allenchow

    unimradio label issue

    .x-field.x-no-label-wrap > .x-label-el { white-space: normal !important; }
  3. allenchow

    unimradio label issue

    Is it possible that the label can have word-wrap feature ?
  4. allenchow

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    It it easy to change some basic color by myself if I buy one of the theme ?
  5. As subject: Buttons[nbInsert].Enabled := CanModify and not FDataLink.Editing; instead of Buttons[nbInsert].Enabled := CanModify ; What do you think ?
  6. allenchow


    Got it ! Add inside customCSS : .tox-silver-sink { z-index: 30000 !important; }
  7. allenchow


    any solution ?
  8. allenchow

    CKEditor 5 Sample

    Finally... TinyMCEdemo.rar
  9. allenchow

    Recaptcha problem

    I'm not using 2 recaptchas, I just show the demo to you that it only worked on the main form, Will try your solution, thanks !
  10. allenchow

    Recaptcha problem

    Any hint?
  11. allenchow

    HTMMEMO add Table?

    Try this " project1.zip
  12. allenchow

    HTMMEMO add Table?

    table generator I've successfully added a button inside toolbar to build table with specific rows and columns. How about if I add 2 more combobox indicate rows and columns, how to communicate that table button with those values of combobox? Thanks!
  13. allenchow

    Recaptcha problem

    only show in mainform temp (2).zip
  14. allenchow

    Security validation

    not work when it put into another form and called from main showmodal.
  15. allenchow

    How to use UniReCAPTCHA?

    There's a problem when the recaptcha is called from Form showmodal or show