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  1. nimarufa

    Mobile form + UniFrame = ExtEvents not work

    Yes, this workaround works! Thanks! Hope painted event will act like afterlayout.
  2. nimarufa

    Mobile form + UniFrame = ExtEvents not work

    Here is it FrameEventTest.zip
  3. When i place Frame on mobile form clientEvents are not working. For Example Ext.panel.Panel afterlayout event. for example function afterlayout(sender, layout, eOpts) { alert('AF event!'); } Frame is creating like this procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin CFrame := TMymFrame.Create(self); CFrame.Visible := true; CFrame.Parent := self; end; On desktop form events are working.
  4. nimarufa

    How to invert TUniTrackBar Min and Max

    Thanks! for advice how to edit tooltip. It's a great idea!!! How can I set custom Tip string from the server side?
  5. The default Location of Min value is on the bottom of trackbar and Max value is on the top. How can i invert it? I need to have Min value is on the top and Max value on the bottom.
  6. nimarufa

    UniTreeMenu.Items.Clear not working

    Got the same problem with Nested list. Don't know if this related with Trial version or not. Now i'm initiated purchase process of complete version. We'll see it is bug or feature.
  7. nimarufa

    Как купить?

    присоединяюсь к вопросу, организация не может оплатить перевод на валютный заграничный счет. Есть ли представители в России?
  8. I need to clear TUnimNestedList and fill it again. But Items.Clear() not works Tried to delete Nodes one by one using List.Items.Delete(Node) gives error: AjaxError "_cnf_ is not defined." Usind Trial The test project which reproduce this error attached Mainm.dfm Mainm.pas
  9. nimarufa

    как очистить TUnimNestedList?

    Может стоит отправить это в англоязычный раздел по мобильной версии?
  10. nimarufa

    как очистить TUnimNestedList?

    Установил Trial То же самое. Собрал тестовый проект. Прикладываю pas, dfm Mainm.dfm Mainm.pas
  11. nimarufa

    как очистить TUnimNestedList? trial
  12. Пробовал List.Items.Clear() - не работает. Пробовал для теста удалять текущий Node обработчике TreeChange вызываю List.Items.Delete(Node);, вылазит ошибка AjaxError _cnf_ is not defined.