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  1. dieger

    Ribbons Demo

    Another Ribbon sample: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5319-ribbon-menu/
  2. dieger

    Ribbon Menu

    Maybe this section is more appropriate: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5319-ribbon-menu/?p=27224
  3. dieger

    UniDbGrid AutoSize column

    Hi, Alternative method: UniSession.AddJS(UniDBGridName.JSName + '.headerCt.forceFit=true;'); (Set OnCreate or OnShow event)
  4. dieger

    Ribbon Menu

    Hello everyone, I am sharing my version of Ribbon Menu (such as Office) and created from various internet examples with ExtJS 4. I have received several requests over time and I apologize for not having found the time to build something that could be easily understood (my first version was in ExtJS 3 and created from a complex code, out of uniGUI) . I hope you enjoy, and be involved in the evolution of this example. (This sample was made with Delphi XE7 and uniGUI Pro RibbonMenu.zip
  5. dieger

    uniGUI version with {$IFDEF}

    Is there any way to detect the version of the framework that is installed? We have units with shared among different projects using version 0.89 and version 0.95 features in different machines. For example, in previous versions we used ObjName.ExtControl and the latest version is the syntax ObjName.JSControl and with {$IFDEF} we can treat these cases. Thanks
  6. dieger

    uniGUI Mobile for Sencha Touch

    Good news!
  7. dieger

    Customer Area Web Application

    OK, l received!
  8. dieger

    Acelerar Aplicaciones en Unigui

    What is your browser? I´m using google chrome frame inside IE and applications runs fast up. http://www.google.com/chromeframe
  9. Hi Farshad, I´m setting this code on OnCreate event of a frame: FormRegion.ExtControl.JsCode ('autoscroll: true'); This provide a great option to design pages with scroll funcionallity inside the main form loading frames inside it. But It is possible to provide the AutoScroll property on a TUniFrame at design time to build frames with size larger than the screen? Acctualy i need to maximize form at design time to show the all form components, because the scroll functionally is not allowed. This can permit for example to develop a login page inside a frame before show the main form (that can reside in another frame) and allow developer to design larger forms like traditionall web pages. Ps.: i´m using mfPage model. Thanks! ScrollPage.zip
  10. dieger

    Toolbar ribbon style

    Not a component, but I'll see if I can turn it into one. As it is, I call several methods and events to build it.
  11. dieger

    Toolbar ribbon style

    Hi KingOrmon, I developed this toolbar in my application uniGUI manually using the extension "Ext.ux.Ribbon.js." I'm still using ExtJS 3 and do not know if something changed to version 4. It was a bit tricky, but if you want I can help you build yours. I'm posting a picture.
  12. dieger

    Todos os Brasileiros

    Pra ser sincero, não acredito muito que deva parar. É um ótimo projeto e acho que em breve ele deve anunciar algum investimento externo (Embarcadero, por exemplo) ou reestruturação do time de desenvolvimento da sua empresa (ou até fazer um anúncio de uma versão comercial). Seria uma pena que este excelente framework fosse descontinuado.
  13. dieger

    Todos os Brasileiros

  14. dieger

    How to force resize controls (web mode)

    KingOrmon, This is not the best way to solve this, but while Mr. Farshad don´t indicate the best solution you can try this to force resize again: procedure TMainForm.UniBitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin UniImage3.Picture.LoadFromFile(GetModulePath(HInstance)+'\SunSet.png'); Width := Width + 1; Width := Width - 1; end;