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  1. Thanks for no response? I solved the problem by myself.
  2. I want to install isapidll on Windows Server 2016 and IIS10. Is there a newer description of settings? Actual docs ends with IIS7? Do I have to enable SSL in my isapi-dll?
  3. How can I access the system camera from my unigui-webservice?
  4. I use www.xyz.de/?abcdef to call my webapplication. How can i achieve that param abcdef ist not shown in the browserline?
  5. I solved the problem. TLS1.2 has not been activated on my webserver (W2008 R2). After activation evrything runs fine.
  6. Hi Farshad - your linke to what you've done returns 'forbidden' to me. I have the same problem on my webserver. Can you give me another link?
  7. Works fine - but not the original screen mask text comes up but the message "Loading" appears.
  8. I solved the problem. Everything works fine.
  9. Up to last year I assigned a certificate to my webapplication using "bindings" (IIS7). Now I bought a new certificate. When I tried to assign it to my application I get the attached error message. Has anybody an idea about that problem? Application works fine in http-Mode.
  10. First I returned back to Delphi 10.1 and unigui 1399 and evrything runs fine. Next step will be testing the same function with delphi 10.1 and unigui 1486. If that fails I will prepare a demo for you. Last step will be to proceed again to Delphi 10.3.1.
  11. I created a frame with a page control on it and created 5 pages. In each page I want to manage data of one of my tables. When I try to set the tab order of the fields in the pages in the natural chronology they are always reset in a strange fuzzy logic.
  12. How can I change the background color of pdfframe from black to any other color?
  13. In the moment it works in my Chrome-Browser but in none of the others. I see that its not a good way until someone creates a tool that can really work with pdf-files in unigui or at least in a htmlframe: fill out the form and store the data in the pdf file. Please close the topic.
  14. I am showing a PDF-Formular within an UrlFrame and I can fill out the formular in my webapplication. Now I want to send the completed PDF-document to the Server and save it in a separate directory or directly in my database as a blob field. In Adobe I can place a command "Sending to server" where i filled in my "localhost:8082". Where can I look within my unigui application if a new file is present?
  15. I want to install recent unigui-version under xe7. In building the packages unitools21: I get the errors: [dcc32 Fataler Fehler] uniGUI21Core.dpk(45): E2202 Package 'uniTools21' wird benötigt, konnte aber nicht gefunden werden [dcc32 Fataler Fehler] uniTools21.dpk(43): F1026 Datei nicht gefunden: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniTools\uniStrUtils.dcu' Can anyone give me a hint about that problem?
  16. Hi Zilav, I don't believe that fast reports is the solution because my endusers are not capable of serving a report generator. I need something like zoho or MS Live Office but as a component to use with unigui in my own application and not somewhere in the cloud. Helmut
  17. Hi all, I want to implement a text processing and printing (to rtf/to pdf) component into my web application. Unihtmlmemo is a good beginning. Has anyone an idea of how to print the written htmltext to a pdf-file? Or is there another way of achieving that goal, perhaps with other components working together with unigui? Yours Helmut
  18. Hi Farshad, I have problems to upload and display jpg-images in an unidbimage-field, while bmp-images work fine. Is there a general problem or is it only a bug? We deal with that problems because we want to load pictures from digicams into database and display them instantly. Yours Helmut
  19. Hi all, has anyone worked on the topic of loading a picture directly from the built-in-webcam (I need code for vcl-mode and webmode)? I would be grateful for hints! Helmut
  20. Hi Farshad, how can I place a text into a unigui canvas field? Can You or anyone else give me a code example? Best regards Helmut
  21. Thank you for your hint. Works fine! Helmut
  22. Helmut Hort


    Hi Farshad, I want to save a signature painted in a canvas directly into an unidbimage-field in firebird 2.5 (blob-field). Can you give me a code-example? Yours Helmut
  23. I use a string grid and will try it with 089. I will report how it works. Thank You.
  24. Yes I want to use cell coloring as an optical effect, but it is not necessary. I need that "big" grid to show the reservation status of variable lots of touristic objects over 3 months with sensitive Informations per cell. Of course I can imagine of another solution for that problem but every other solution would only be a bad substitution. Helmut
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