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  1. Hi, I've embedded a mobile project in an android app (android studio) using webview. Okay, just the uploadfile component does not work, the choose button does not respond. I have already put the permissions on the manifest, enabled the javascript in webView. Has anyone used or would know how to release the component? thank you
  2. nelsonjr

    Error installation version 1.10.1455

    Hi Marlon Tks for your attention , the installation worked correctly (unigui) but the mobile system lost the UI, the buttons are now flat, the return button (left corner) lost the form, fonts... I downgrade for previous unigui 1.00.1425 and the system worked with UI correctly What can it be?
  3. nelsonjr

    Error installation version 1.10.1455

    Hi, Only the component FSiGrowlComp from Marlon (Falcon sistemas) this affects the updating of the unigui 1.10? Tks
  4. I have used unigui since the version 0.98 beta and never and I never had a problem I use the version 1.00.1425 and have been upgrade to 1.10.1455 Open e build: uniGUI_D10_2_Tokyo_PlusGroup.groupproj when will I install uniGUI25Chartdcl an error appears: could not find procedure entry point @ uiniguiclasses @ tjsObjectList@SetDefaultJDClassName$qqrx20System@UnicodeString c:\users\public\documents\Embarcadero\studio\19.0\bpl\TUnifsKendoUI25.bpl What could be happening? Thank you Nelson