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  1. +1 Hi @Farshad Mohajeri, We are going to renew soon and this issue of the CDN interests us that it is available, are there future plans for this implementation? We use several IIS instances for the hyperserver to support concurrency, yet being able to improve ExtJS download is vital on slow connections Thank you
  2. Hello Delphi Developer, It worked fine! Thanks.
  3. Hello, the scroll is not activated to navigate through all the nodes without having to collapse the previous node. Scrolling works well with a unitreeview when it expands completely. Thank you
  4. Hello, Is it possible that a treemenu has the default scroll activated when expanding a node? This when the nodes that are at the bottom are hidden and the treemenu is embedded in a panel Thanks for your help
  5. Hi, In the app1 where the user is authenticated, a string is formed with the user parameters, database, random control code is encrypted and passed as a parameter for the app2. in the app2 it is received and the application can only load if the parameters are valid in front of a common database that verifies that the control id is valid. You could also use the sessionID of the app1, which would have greater security by ensuring only once the use of the parameter step to the app2. Example: "http://server.com/app2/app2.dll/?id=AHnl1BTEf7Rbt7m2dAbPKYowBoMDA"(only valid once). The important th
  6. Hi, That's the same thing I do for load balancing. In the application 1 where the user is authenticated I have a table with the Urls of the application 2 (main) with addresses to the servers and a field that activate / deactivate the URL, with this I can massively update the application 2 rotating between servers without have to get the users out. I apply for each user an Url depending on the active server (to minimize the download of the js, css, images, etc of ExtRoot and UniRoot), that's why it's important to have a CDN, since if you left the urls randomly every session the user had to
  7. Hi, We use a load balancing strategy with multiple IIS servers with multiple deployed pools and applications. Each user is assigned a final application. Each application on average has 8-10 users and concurrently can reach 3-5 users. With this we have distributed a low load of cpu and memory. During hard work hours 400-500 users can be connected. The main application of unigui has more than 500 forms. One of the properties we miss and hope it will be implemented is the CDN route to host files extjs, unigui and other js libraries. This topic is discussed here http://forums.unigui.com/inde
  8. Hi, Any idea if this can be implemented, thanks
  9. Hi, it is true that you can create xls third component, but not CreateOleObject ('Excel.Application') in ISAPI mode. I have the same problem and yet discard CreateOleObject. Regards
  10. Hi, it is not possible server-side Automation of Office http://support.microsoft.com/kb/257757
  11. OK. I already generate the license. Change the password and it worked. Thanks
  12. Hi Mr. Farshad Mohajeri I change the email but still not enter the customer area, which I do in that case? thanks
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