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  1. Thank you for your time and efforts, but my question was directed to Farshad and i would like to hear from him more about this subject.
  2. that's not what i am talking about...i know that UniGui is very good product and support is good....BUT i can't ask my customers to have trust in mr. Farshad. We are also a small company and very often get questions like "what if you drive your car against the tree"....we covered this "car problem" with escrow deal. I want the hear from Frashad his thoughts about "car problems" and possible solutions
  3. Hi Farshad, please allow me to be brutal en remind you about your "promise" I am very interested in your comments and also in the road-map for unigui. Thanks! Pedja
  4. Pedja

    Selectedrow color

    Hi, i am using onDrawColumnCell to paint row with different color based on some values: if Grid1.DataSource.DataSet.FieldByName('Fieldname').AsString='Yes' then begin Attribs.Color:= $00E1FFFF; end; It works fine, but if i selected those painted row then is selection color not visible. How can i ignore row painting for the selected rows? Thanks
  5. Pedja

    Unidbgrid column position

    Problem is that column position after moving is not available at the server side...
  6. Pedja


    Which one? in http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/csort.dllI still don't see how can i sort on multiple columns at the same time
  7. Pedja


    Hi, I see tha unidbGrid have event onMultiColumnSort but i don't see how can i enable sort on the multiple columns in the grid. Each time when I sort on the column the previous column is not anymore sorted. I already tried with shift en ctrl keys but without success. Regards Pedja
  8. Pedja

    Unidbgrid column position

    Hi, i am using : function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.enableColumnMove = true } to allow reorder of the columns at the run time. I would like to save changed positions for the next time when user login, is it possible to get new column position & width at the server side? Thanks
  9. Pedja


    Hi, first of all you have created wonderful product! I am considering buying unigui for my next project and i would like to know how many developers you have in your team? Thanks!