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  1. I have UniDBGRid and UnipopUpMenu on the form. In grid I am calling popUpMenu by onContextClick procedure CellContextClick(Column: TUniDBGridColumn; X, Y: Integer); var g:tuniDBGrid; begin copyPopUp.Popup(x,y); g:=tuniDBGrid(Column.Grid); copyPopUp.Popup (X, Y, g); end; In popUpMenu i have one menu item. How can i get a grid when i click on that menuItem. In delphi DBGRid and popUpMenu i get it by popUpMenu.getParentComponent , how i can get it in UniGui.
  2. Yes i am using unitimer please provider some example with firedac,mssql query unidbgrid and unitimer
  3. firedac, mssql, unidbgrid it show some time error: UniDBGRID - not enough avaible timers
  4. Litle more info: Last version but error fired also in before versions. firedac,mssql,int column. i have try with unidbedit and unidbnumber component but without success . Strange thing that i have other forms with integer field from other tables and it works god. Again with release building it is good, but in debug fired above error.
  5. Delphi DBNavigator has onClick Event why uniDBNavigtor does not have
  6. UNIGUI commercial proffesional version Where is click Event in UNIDBNavigator?
  7. this is isapi log ocs_unigui.dll: 000008A4: 01:59:02 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< ocs_unigui.dll: 000008A4: 01:59:02 []:Starting Server. Module Handle: 000000000A610000 ocs_unigui.dll: 000008A4: 01:59:02 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. ocs_unigui.dll: 000008A4: 01:59:02 [TUniServerModule]:Erasing Cache Folder... ocs_unigui.dll: 000008A4: 01:59:02 [TUniServerModule]:Cache Folder Erased. <1> Files deleted. ocs_unigui.dll: 000008A4: 01:59:02 []:Server Started. Module Handle: 000000000A610000 ocs_unigui.dll: 000008A4: 01:59:02 [HttpExten
  8. professional 1.0.01425 app working good when working as standalone but when i change it to isapi dll fire this exception: Failed to delete tab at index 0
  9. yes i can and test it it working thank you
  10. When i change application type from standalone to Isapi module i get this exception: An Exception has occured in application: Failed to delete tab at index 0 standalone app works. here is dpr: //{$define UNIGUI_VCL} // Comment out this line to turn this project into an ISAPI module {$ifndef UNIGUI_VCL} library {$else} program {$endif} myApp; uses uniGUIISAPI, Forms, ServerModule in 'ServerModule.pas' {UniServerModule: TUniGUIServerModule}, MainModule in 'MainModule.pas' {UniMainModule: TUniGUIMainModule}, Main in 'Mai
  11. object MainForm: TMainForm Left = 0 Top = 0 ClientHeight = 270 ClientWidth = 635 Caption = 'MainForm' OldCreateOrder = False MonitoredKeys.Keys = <> PixelsPerInch = 96 TextHeight = 13 object UniHTMLFrame1: TUniHTMLFrame Left = 0 Top = 0 Width = 635 Height = 270 Hint = '' HTML.Strings = ( '<!DOCTYPE html>' '<html>' '<head>' '<style>' '.center_it {' ' text-align:center;' '}' '</style>' '</head>' ''
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