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  1. But when I set bbaWarnUser, this warning dialog is called via ExtJS or this is permanently compiled in browsers code ? If from ExtJS, then maybe there is opportunity to something change in ExtJS ?
  2. I cannot use application mode, because application use ~100 users in hospital and it is very difficult to set application mode for all users and most of users use IE. >> Why do you want to prevent user from refreshing? Because most of users is dummy and pressing browser refresh button for refresh data in grid, and application restarted to login dialog
  3. Ok, but now user get dialog "refresh or not refres" and still can refresh. And when close browser user again get dialog - "close or not close". Maybe there is some way via javascript permanently remove any dialogs when push refresh or close browser ?
  4. Hi all. Is there some way to disable browser refresh/reload page button ? Or catch this event and inform user about that this button is evil for unigui ? WBR Janex
  5. Hi Farshad! Is builtin logger thread safe: UniServerModule.Logger.AddLog('blabla', 'blabla'); Can users add messages to log in runtime from users mainmodule? Or I must add additional criticalsections ? WBR Janex
  6. Super!!! :-) Thanks, good solution for me, it work, yeeeeeee :-)
  7. I have only UDBGrid paged with refresh button. I will when push refresh button, not only old data ir refetched from dataset, but refetched fresh data (with dataset refreshing)... Without UDBNavigator. Without any other additional button. Exactly via UDBGrid refresh button.
  8. Yes, UDBGrid, but I need to refresh dataset and reload data into grid exactly via push refresh button on grid, but when I press refresh button on grid, grid reload data from dataset without dataset data refreshing ... there is the problem.
  9. No, this is not good way for me, because then I must add new button for refresh, but integrated in grid refresh button I cannot remove I cannot say to users :"Push this button, newer push button in grid" . I found ext event function store.refresh(sender, eOpts), but this event fire every time when data is loading, not only when refresh button is pressed
  10. Hi. How can I catch grid refresh button push ? I need dataset full refresh when I push refresh button .... WBR Janex
  11. Super !!!!! It works !!! Thank you very much.
  12. Hi all. When I add link in TUniDBHTMLMemo via embeded toolbar, link is added without "target='new'" and when i click on link, it is opened in the same browser window/tab And back button not work in unigui. Question - is there some easy way to add "target='new'" without programmatic change HTML ? WBR Janex
  13. Janex

    Show form via JS

    Yes, of course, about 0.96
  14. Janex

    Show form via JS

    Farshad, this thread: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4358-i-still-dont-understand-what-happens-with-masks/
  15. Janex

    Show form via JS

    Form exists, from delphi i use myform.showmodal, but how can I do this with JS in client side. I need to very fast display some form when i press some button, because some JS with masks in beta 0.86 not working, Farshad say it be corrected in 0.87
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