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  1. cocoa.zhao

    How to implement the normal listview?

    Hi Farshad Mohajeri, Will this kind of control(listview) be added in the next version? How long will it take? Thanks Best Regards
  2. 请问手机版怎么开发出图上的这种数据列表展示效果,一行数据有多行文字,并且左侧有图片显示。这种列表也很常见,能否加入这个demo呢? May I ask how to implement the mobile version of this data list, a line of data with multiple lines of text, and the left side of the picture shows. This list is also very common, can join the demo? Thanks in advance!
  3. cocoa.zhao

    Paging Stored Procedure with TUniDBGrid?

    Hi, Thanks for your reply! I will try to clear all the listeners in pagingBar components, and handle these actions with my own clientside script.
  4. Hi Guys, Is there a way to customize the paging operation? I don't want to load all the records in a TDataSet. What can I do to get the page I need only, and with the paging toolbar working still? Thanks in advance!
  5. cocoa.zhao

    Ordering Problem

    I have ordered the package "uniGUI Complete - Professional Edition (Beta)", the money USD890 is gone, but the website told me that the payment is not accepted, what wrong, could you please help me with it? The bank told me to contact with you.