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  1. still not understanding what the user will do in a form with 1200 combobox with no data listed. in your example, you haven't even included information in this combobox yet, that will bring more delay in the assembly of the screen I would solve this in a form with several tabs (pagecontrol), and in each tab would create a limited amount of fields, when accessing the next tab the controls would be created, so I wouldn't need to create everything at once.
  2. create a specific email to access the portal that is known to the company you work for type uniguisupportyourcompany@gmail.com your boss will know the password that will be used to access the forum if tomorrow you leave the company, he will be able to change the password and move to a new employee I suggest not using your personal email now it's not up to criticize the support of unigui where we always have help not only from the community but also from our master farshard, who is always looking to help us.
  3. provide the password only for the customer who wants to access the monitor. procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleControlPanelLogin(ASession: TUniGUISession; const Auser, APassword: string; var LoginValid: Boolean; LoginAttempt: Integer); begin if SameText(AUser, 'USER') and SameText(APassword, 'pass') then LoginValid:=True else begin if LoginAttempt=3 then ASession.Terminate('Login Failed'); end; end;
  4. I see it differently, this feature gives me total freedom in how the column calculation will be done, as a simple sum is not always enough.
  5. GEPWEB_D.dll: 00002368: 08:55:53 [SendCommand Error, Node: -1]:Connect timed out. GEPWEB_D.dll: 00002368: 08:56:06 [SendCommand Error, Node: -1]:Connect timed out. GEPWEB_D.dll: 00002368: 08:56:19 [SendCommand Error, Node: -1]:Connect timed out. GEPWEB_D.dll: 00002368: 08:56:32 [SendCommand Error, Node: -1]:Connect timed out. GEPWEB_D.dll: 00002368: 08:57:16 [SendCommand Error, Node: -1]:Connect timed out. GEPWEB_D.dll: 00002368: 08:57:29 [SendCommand Error, Node: -1]:Connect timed out. GEPWEB_D.dll: 00003888: 08:57:40 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EIdConnectTimeout : Connect timed out. : Addr: $06A2B88B GEPWEB_D.dll: 000030A4: 08:57:46 [HandleFileRequest[]]:Access denied: C:\GEPWEB\GEP_TESTE\https:\xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx\gepweb_d.dll\server?node_id=1024&token=saktid210929080742878&admin=DA322387&minimal=1&show_hs=1. by logging the time interval in connection attempts and 13 seconds, I think it is enough.
  6. if you are going to split the projects, creating different services (sites) for each module, you would have to define the login only in the main (main menu) when a user is directed to another application, that other application should not have a login form. in that case I would go through a dynamic token url created for each session. there in the destination project I check the existence of this token to release access. I do not know if i was clear.
  7. after some time he returned access. I understand that the dll gepweb_d.dll (hyperserver file) existing on the master server and which is responsible for connecting to the hyper_service.exe service that runs on slave servers, I saw that the time interval is 13 seconds. if you were brazilian you wouldn't use this number, only brazilians will understand that taking advantage of its valuable presence, how to activate this menu item?
  8. when accessing the server today to check the accesses, I noticed that one of the servers was no longer accessing, restart the windows of the slave server (app1) and even so it did not return the connection. restart the application pool on the master server, and it won't work either the old version continues to work normally on this server, indicating that there is no problem on the network, yesterday it was normal. we need the documentation to contain these situations, and information on what should be checked to fix the problem. when one of the servers no longer has access, we need something to reconnect, without having to stop the other servers, or restart the service on the master server, which would bring down all users.
  9. when trying to view active sessions, and this error is displayed, indicating that it cannot find a file in the cache folder log attached log.rar
  10. sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the help.
  11. looks like I found the problem. there were 2 sessions [hyper_server] in the file GEPWEB_D.CFG on the master server and the second section was empty without the binary name. I think it was created when I tried to install the hs service on the master server
  12. log serv-master and app3 logapp3.rar log serv master.rar
  13. no, I need the master server to create sessions too I will limit a maximum of 10 us and the other servers I'll leave with 20 because the master server has a good configuration, 24 colors 128 ram in the initial tests, I'm trying to get at least the other servers working. then I activate the master server to also start sessions
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