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  1. wilton_rad

    TVCLDBColumns Do Not Follow DisplayFormat

    put uninumberedit or UniFormattedNumberEdit in hiddenpanel. link in column option editor, seting component uninumberedit;
  2. does not exist by default, but if you use a frame, it will look the same
  3. wilton_rad

    uniFMask error

    unifmask is not a native unigui component, I believe you would have to look for the component manufacturer to help you.
  4. wilton_rad

    Repeater Panel + Scrolling option / Paging ??

    this is one of those controls that I miss in aspnet, and it is possible to make amazing grids with it
  5. wilton_rad

    navigation in dbgrid with editing

    I need it too, it would be very useful for me
  6. wilton_rad

    how to use widgetcolumn

    I did not understand how to use this column property any object bound to the column, while executing, the application does not execute
  7. wilton_rad

    columns numeric in dbgrid change value with down arrow

    I do not use editor, nor can I, because spinedit in my case would not be legal, just that the column is numerical to have this behavior, this was not the case in previous versions, I know that the NumericEditorHideTrigger option can be very useful in some cases, but in my case it only disrupts the typing. I still believe that activating the NumericEditorHideTrigger option where it causes the spinedit to appear, it would only be in that case that the arrows should work to change the value, if the spinedit is not shown the arrows should also not change the value. this would maintain compatibility with existing versions.
  8. wilton_rad

    columns numeric in dbgrid change value with down arrow

    build, field integer or decimal(12,2) database sql server. on any grid example in the demos folder, access a numerical column edit, and pressing the up or down arrows changes the value. I believe that this behavior should only be this way if the property NumericEditorHideTrigger = False this property NumericEditorHideTrigger should be possible to configure per column, not to the entire grid.
  9. columns in the numerical grid now by pressing up or down arrow, change the value of the field, incrementing by 1 or reducing by 1 the value, this has generated huge problem in my clients after this behavior has been added. Is it possible to disable this?
  10. wilton_rad

    FMXLinux Announcement (Enterprise/Architect)

    an OEM agreement has been made, like so many others made throughout history by the embarcadero, among them, rave report, indy, intraweb, some have remained in new versions others abandoned, will this one be abandoned too? according to the post made by cantu, fmxlinux, also allows to run an FMD application in a web browser, this would be the total multiplatform with unique code never seen ..
  11. wilton_rad

    Need DbEdit with a Button at Right

    esse componente está no roadmap, e so aguardar que sai um nativo. ou voce pode por enquanto usar um edit ou dbedit normal e colocar um botao do lado separadamente. vai ter o mesmo efeito. voce pode tambem substituir por uma tunidbcombobox e nao adionar itens na combobox, e usar o click do botao da combox para sua finalidade.
  12. wilton_rad

    Create Form constructor not working

    great, less a Caribbean wanting to be the expert
  13. wilton_rad

    roadmap 2019

    Farshad Mohajeri the roadmap presented for 2019 is very interesting, but before putting your hand in the dough, it would not be good to create a poll on the site with the main items to be included, and by vote see which are really priorities. meeting the majority's wishes is always a good choice.
  14. put your querys, and functions, in the datamodule, this can be shared between mobile forms and windows, and even applications vcl
  15. wilton_rad

    Why this is not possible ?

    use sockets in unigui and a challenge, I have a chat system, which I did not find solution using conventional sockets components. I'm looking for it too