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  2. excellent, still abusing your goodwill, press the down or up arrow to save the record, is it possible?
  3. wilton_rad

    I need show the screenmask while fileupload

    try this procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin showmask('wait'); unisession.syncronize; UniFileUpload.Execute; end; procedure TMainForm.UniFileUpload1Completed(Sender: TObject; AStream: TFileStream); begin hidemask; unisession.syncronize; end;
  4. the code was almost perfect, it would be possible after editing the registry, when you press the down arrow already record and jump to the next line, as it is, and if necessary, press enter and then press the down arrow, Enter to save must be kept. a problem I noticed: when editing the record, press the tab key, moving to the next column clears the next column value. text translated by google
  5. wilton_rad

    UniDBGrid enter key trigers Double click

    try this
  6. wilton_rad

    How to Create an event from inside a thread

    se voce vende essa solução de chat que voce fez para unigui. em vcl uso um componente do ipworks para enviar mensagens na rede, e preciso de uma solucao para unigui.
  7. wilton_rad

    How to Create an event from inside a thread

  8. wilton_rad

    How to Create an event from inside a thread

    you market this chat solution through unigui
  9. wilton_rad

    How to Create an event from inside a thread

    I already tried to use sockets tcp ip within uni, to send messages, but the message to create a chat, but the message only goes to a vcl recipient, could not get back, just because everything is executed in threads,
  10. wilton_rad

    Loading Data

    where exactly
  11. wilton_rad

    grid lost focus

    i find solution. configure mainmodule NavigateKeys Next HandleBrowse = true Key = 13 form in grid webOptions KeyNavigation=knDisabled
  12. wilton_rad

    grid lost focus

    I have activated in my mainmodule the keynavigate option, where pressing enter (chr 13) step to the next field, this setting, makes pressing enter on the grid, the focus is lost, I tried to disable keynavigate when entering the grid, but grid onenter event is not triggered, is there any way to avoid this behavior? I need the enter key to move between fields, but enter can't lose focus on the grid
  13. wilton_rad

    Disappointed with Unigui? There are alternatives coming!

    do you have 2 kidneys? you may need 1 to buy Syncfusion licenses
  14. wilton_rad

    Consulta CEP

    voce faz da mesma forma que no delphi vcl, basta nao usar componentes visuais..