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  1. wilton_rad

    uniDbLookupComboBox with large tables

    he remote query feature, and simply a way to open the query by passing a filter, always avoiding a select * from table I always avoid using dblookup, I prefer to create a generic search screen, where I can include more search features for my user, and I can easily reuse this in every project.
  2. wilton_rad

    up or down arrows, change value numeric columns grid

    it worked, it was great!
  3. wilton_rad

    losing focus on grid editing

    yes, in this grid specifically, the columns are dynamically configured, visibility, title, size according to some rules, it is not a grid where the fields are already defined, this is what is different about this form, when the user selects a list on the screen, the grid is reset. I will prepare a video showing the behavior
  4. wilton_rad

    up or down arrows, change value numeric columns grid

    yes, but I never had an answer. I will try your approach.
  5. editing numeric columns on the grid, pressing up or down arrows, the value is changed, this behavior is causing serious problems in my system I already enabled the NumericEditorHideTrigger option How to disable this behavior? unigui v. this may be useful, but this is only NumericEditorHideTrigger = false It is natural for the user to use the down arrow to move to the next line, but the record ends up changing improperly
  6. wilton_rad

    losing focus on grid editing

    after pressing enter to change columns, when pressing down arrow to write the record, the cursor does not stay on the grid, going out, forcing the user and clicking on the grid again, I tried to see all the afterpost events of the query, but I didn't find out the problem. In a simple project I could not simulate the same behavior, so it is difficult to send an example, only if I sent the whole project.
  7. wilton_rad

    Pivot Grid support

    pivotgrid has been released for a while now, but the impossibility of the user being able to move the columns completely makes them unfeasible, and a new component that cannot be used as is.
  8. remember to create a unique database connection for this,
  9. wilton_rad

    How to Print a Local Printer in unigui?

    Alternatively, create a rest server, where you perform a server function every 5 seconds, which checks if there are any files to print in a folder, if any, you download the file and run the print, you will have an app client on the local machine doing this. You will have to provide in your web application, some resource for your user to download and install this local client.
  10. because you do not clear database sessions when your unigui server starts, so if you drop your server, starting will clear all pending connections.
  11. wilton_rad


    when I try to drag this component to the form, it generates an AV, and I also noticed that it is not yet available for 64bit, and a component still in development? unigui 1.90.1505 delphi tokyo
  12. wilton_rad

    TVCLDBColumns Do Not Follow DisplayFormat

    put uninumberedit or UniFormattedNumberEdit in hiddenpanel. link in column option editor, seting component uninumberedit;
  13. does not exist by default, but if you use a frame, it will look the same
  14. wilton_rad

    uniFMask error

    unifmask is not a native unigui component, I believe you would have to look for the component manufacturer to help you.
  15. wilton_rad

    Repeater Panel + Scrolling option / Paging ??

    this is one of those controls that I miss in aspnet, and it is possible to make amazing grids with it