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  1. put your querys, and functions, in the datamodule, this can be shared between mobile forms and windows, and even applications vcl
  2. wilton_rad

    Why this is not possible ?

    use sockets in unigui and a challenge, I have a chat system, which I did not find solution using conventional sockets components. I'm looking for it too
  3. wilton_rad

    form's postion

  4. wilton_rad

    Ajax Error 024 is not defined

    I found the problem in the servermodule, the asyncRequest property, was false, this was causing the error.
  5. wilton_rad

    Ajax Error 024 is not defined

    seems to be something in something on the system somewhere else, since I delete the login form, I created a new one with another name, I just added a TUnimContainerPanel component, I changed the Align to alClient nothing was added to this new form, and yet the error persists. after, I did the test creating a new project, and in this new project, in the login screen the alignments work normally. so I think it's not something that is related to login, but something related to some other part of the system.
  6. wilton_rad

    Ajax Error 024 is not defined

    TfrmLogin - type -> TUnimLoginForm AlignmentControl -> uniAlignmentServer put in form unimcpM type TUnimContainerPanel Aling ->alClient AlignmentControl -> uniAlignmentClient put in unimcpM unmcp1 type TUnimContainerPanel AlignmentControl -> uniAlignmentClient Align - alNone in unmcp1 - put 1 tunimimage unmcp2 type TUnimContainerPanel AlignmentControl -> uniAlignmentClient Align - alNone in unmcp2 - put 2 tunimedit and 1 tunimbutton I did not change anything in layout run application - error ajax o1C is not defined ------- after change only Aling for alNone of component unimcpM opens normally
  7. wilton_rad

    Ajax Error 024 is not defined

    after several tests, I noticed that the alignments do not work on the login form, any changes in the alignments I make, alclient, layout, display the error. in other types of forms it seems to work. no js code was added to controls
  8. wilton_rad

    Ajax Error 024 is not defined

    the error is displayed when loading the login in a mobile application, I could not notice anything wrong in the system properties, after the error, the controls are misaligned but I can still enter the system. this project would normally open in earlier versions, after upgrading to the latest version began to display the message unigui tokyo 10.2.3
  9. wilton_rad

    repor builder only create pdf in debug mode

    I made some changes, according to the example, I moved the components of the report builder to a datamodule, instantiated the datamodule and run the report and it worked. before the components of the report builder were on the form itself.
  10. I created a small video to show what is happening, something very strange, the pdf is only created when I am running in debug in delphi, when I run out of delphi, the pdf is not created, I noticed that not even using hyperserver, this is creating another instance of the application when the report is triggered. link download video http://www.radinfo.com.br/reportdebugmode.wmv delphi tokyo 10.2.3 unigui report builder 19.02
  11. wilton_rad


    showmask('wait'); unisession.syncronize; your code... hidemask;
  12. wilton_rad

    As you say unigui1481will come out this week,but when?

    It's been a long time since we've had news, there must be something good out there. we were accustomed to frequent releases
  13. wilton_rad

    Printing directly

    for some specific reports, the report and generated on the server, I do not create a pdf, and in this case I send the report directly to the printer previously registered in a table, until the client side I can not get this list of printers, configured on the server, this printer will already be configured on the server, mapped to the terminal. This works perfectly in a LAN environment, but in a web environment, there would have to be a vpn, so that the server can see the client's printer.
  14. wilton_rad

    problem accessing page in mobile, using hyperserver

    Is anyone having trouble viewing mobile applications? using hyperserver windows
  15. I have a unigui project and when accessing through cell phone, it displays a timeout message and it does not load the page, accessing through windows, it normally opens the site. in some cell phones, accesses, others not, using chorme in android phone obs: it's not a mobile project. site to test. using hyperserver. teste.ergonsistemas.com.br unigui version uni- GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:Node Id = 5 GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:Node MaxSessions = 512 GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:Starting HTTP Server on Port: 18533... GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Port: 18533 GepWeb_E.exe: 00004184: 20:23:07 []:EUniSessionException : Tempo esgotado : Addr: $007A0F73 GepWeb_E.exe: 00004184: 20:23:07 []:EUniSessionException : Tempo esgotado : Addr: $007A0F73 GepWeb_E.exe: 00004184: 20:23:07 []:EUniSessionException : Tempo esgotado : Addr: $007A0F73