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  1. for x:=0 to self.components.count-1 do begin if self.components[x] is tuniquery then begin tuniquery(self.components[x]).afterscroll :=nil; tuniquery(self.components[x]).close; end; end this will disable afterscroll from all your queries, and close them.
  2. Sherzod, I already tried this, but the application running locally (localhost) does not have this problem the problem only occurs when I publish it on my server. it runs on the hyperserver here I have windows 10 on server windows server 2019 so if I do an example it will not show the problem.
  3. have you tried before creating the controls, use the suspendlayouts command and at the end resumelayouts? for each control created, the unigui will send a request to the browser to render the component, doing this 300 times will really generate a delay the command causes this to be done only 1x at the end of the process. about alerting other users, look for websockets, here in the forum there is an example created by a great collaborator, but it requires the purchase of an extra component.
  4. unigui delphi 10.4 sdac sql server 2019 I have a problem that is making me sleepy. in a form I display the contents of a varchar (max) sql server field. when I run the application locally, the content is displayed correctly, when I run the same application on the server (hyperserver) some data is overlaid. I've tried everything and nothing works. it is not some hidden character that is causing this behavior. the only difference and the place of execution. remembering that both on my server and locally, and the exe that is running.
  5. wilton_rad


    I saw in the documentation, and it is good to avoid activating the sequenced option of the tunitimer. another way and in the timer, you can exchange messages by checking files in a folder, reading a file from a folder (plain text) and less costly than fetching it from your database. a fileexist, and better than a select from table.
  6. the test had been done on a previous version of the unigui, the current 1547, it is working. thanks.
  7. I also realized this problem, uni-
  8. I create tunimdatepicket controls dynamically, but I can't set the aftercreate event to change the button's title. the code below works when the component is already on the screen. but it doesn't work when it's created dynamically. var cDateTimePicker:TUniMDatePicker cDateTimePicker := TUniMDatePicker.Create(self); cDateTimePicker.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values['afterCreate'] := 'function afterCreate(sender) '+
  9. It is always a great pleasure to see what you have to say, we count on your dedication, and my most sincere good wishes.
  10. the files are missing the TsgcWebSocketServer component where to download the files gcBase_Classes, sgcTCP_Classes, sgcWebSocket_Classes, sgcWebSocket_Classes_Indy, sgcWebSocket_Server, sgcWebSocket;
  11. see this https://radcore.pro.br/
  12. Farshad, I am anxious to allow the hyperserver on several servers, today I am using a linux server with ngnix to do the load balancer, I think that if this were done by the unigui itself, we would have more control, and would avoid the cost of this linux machine. for those who work with the public agency like me, the number of accesses, and exponential, I need a lot of machines to deal with this .. .......... since version 1542 we already have 4 months, with no news of what is in the script. this year, things are not going well, tell us what's going on.
  13. I'm unifying all my sites in one, to make management easier, and to avoid these port problems, I had already deleted the log, I had about 120 sites using hyperserver, and each one going up 4 nodes, this generated almost 500 instances of my project in memory, working with only one site, and maintaining only 50 nodes, it seems to me to be more correct. anyway thank you.
  14. what interval do you suggest, because I have other sites with numbers nearby without a problem
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