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  1. wilton_rad

    As you say unigui1481will come out this week,but when?

    It's been a long time since we've had news, there must be something good out there. we were accustomed to frequent releases
  2. wilton_rad

    Printing directly

    for some specific reports, the report and generated on the server, I do not create a pdf, and in this case I send the report directly to the printer previously registered in a table, until the client side I can not get this list of printers, configured on the server, this printer will already be configured on the server, mapped to the terminal. This works perfectly in a LAN environment, but in a web environment, there would have to be a vpn, so that the server can see the client's printer.
  3. wilton_rad

    problem accessing page in mobile, using hyperserver

    Is anyone having trouble viewing mobile applications? using hyperserver windows
  4. I have a unigui project and when accessing through cell phone, it displays a timeout message and it does not load the page, accessing through windows, it normally opens the site. in some cell phones, accesses, others not, using chorme in android phone obs: it's not a mobile project. site to test. using hyperserver. teste.ergonsistemas.com.br unigui version uni- GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:Node Id = 5 GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:Node MaxSessions = 512 GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:Starting HTTP Server on Port: 18533... GepWeb_E.exe: 00003C04: 20:23:02 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Port: 18533 GepWeb_E.exe: 00004184: 20:23:07 []:EUniSessionException : Tempo esgotado : Addr: $007A0F73 GepWeb_E.exe: 00004184: 20:23:07 []:EUniSessionException : Tempo esgotado : Addr: $007A0F73 GepWeb_E.exe: 00004184: 20:23:07 []:EUniSessionException : Tempo esgotado : Addr: $007A0F73
  5. wilton_rad

    problem using uniscreenmask

    ShowMask('Loading...); unisession.synchronize; I run routine HideMask;
  6. wilton_rad

    close tab browse on close aplication

    it is possible to close the browser tab when my application is closed, I know this can close the browser also if only one tab is open, is it possible?
  7. wilton_rad

    Hyperserver Loadbalancing Documentation

    this should have a better disclosure as it is a significant improvement in the product.
  8. wilton_rad

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    my query master in form. (form only 1 query) select tab.field1, tab.field2, tabaux1.auxfield1, -> field read only =false in listfields tabaux2.auxfield2 -> field read only =false in listfields from tab inner join tabaux1 on tab.idf1=tabaux1.idf1 inner join tabaux2 on tab.idf2=tabaux2.idf2 in form link field auxfield1 in tunidbedit with readonly place a button next to the tuniedit in button, call a search form on return, set the query value to field auxfield1 set query value in fiedl tab.idf1 obs. not every query component allows joins, and use it to write data. I use sdac and it works. in this example when applying the post method in the query, only the idf1 will be saved in tab
  9. wilton_rad

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    the use of many loockup in a form is not recommended nor in the desktop environment on the web, the delay will be even greater. I prefer to work with external search for these fields with a button that opens a search form, so each table is only queried when needed. my main query already returns me in addition to the fields of the table, also the fields of the auxiliary tables, so when I search the registers, I already search the same sql, the data of the auxiliary tables. in summary, even though I have tens of fields that require external search, my form only has 1 select in its opening.
  10. wilton_rad

    Is possible?

    I converted a medium project, more than 200 forms, to unigui, some forms I chose to read them, taking advantage of only the encoding, in this way I made much more beautiful forms than the desktop version, other forms only converted, taking advantage of 100% of what already had done, I have more than 600 reports in report builder, and all were used in their totality without having to change in anything in the way they were already executed. I lost 2 years trying to rewrite this application in C #, when I met the unigui, it was the light I saw at the end of the tunnel.
  11. wilton_rad

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    I have 44, and I develop with delphi 24 years, since delphi 3, I am from Araguaina, Brazil
  12. wilton_rad

    Is possible?

    the documentation of the product is extensive, there are hundreds of examples for all components, every new version we all receive an email informing of the news, the unigui is evolving with strides, and for anyone who is delphi , there is nothing better in moment, the portal to download the version and very well organized and shows very clearly all the changes in each version, in my understanding fmsoft dedicates much to the quality of the final product, than in false marketing, you prefer the site of the unigui all prepared to convince you to buy the product, (this demands time), or want a product that works, I get the second part. one thing you will hardly find here in the forum, are customers who have compiled a license and regretted it, and how to find a needle in the haystack.
  13. wilton_rad

    How to open a select file dialog?

    could share uNativeXLSExport function
  14. wilton_rad

    Unigui "VOYAGER"????????

    hyper server has complete documentation, is very stable, and extremely easy to deploy, this is undoubtedly a giant leap in unigui technology, and obviously will not be part of the trial version.
  15. wilton_rad

    Unigui with Service Worker, Firebase

    being able to do this using a unigui application would be great.