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  1. what you suggest is correct, a servermodule thread will be created to execute your process. I prefer to create something like this in a separate exe, to avoid any problem with my unigui server, if you have server access to run other applications I would do that.
  2. wilton_rad

    Eliminar proceso

    try this on another drive, it is not recommended to use servermodule for this try add uses Winapi.Windows;
  3. wilton_rad

    Eliminar proceso

    see this http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3511-kill-application-recompile-and-auto-start-in-browser/&tab=comments#comment-16374
  4. wilton_rad

    Easy features request

    If there is a code js to allow the automatic editing of the grid, for me already solves, until it exists natively, I have long sought this feature, and saw that there are many requests of this forum without solution. My users have long complained about having to press enter to edit the registry.
  5. wilton_rad

    Autoedit in DBgrid

    I am also looking forward to such a feature that will allow you to improve typing
  6. wilton_rad

    Structure large project (ERP)

    have a unique database: Advantages: Deploying a new customer, just create a new user or store Backup is also easier as it is just a bank. disadvantages: separate benches Smaller banks are usually faster. faster backups, You can restore the backup only from one client without affecting the others. reports will run faster because you won't have to do filters by user or store. In this model, on a shared server, where you will have numerous banks, you can have a specific bank for common public tables that are not managed by clients, such as CEPS tables, STATES, and other information that can be standardized for all banks. you will have to see what may be best for you
  7. wilton_rad

    Maximum size project

    The use of datamodules, I see just for the sake of organization, another advantage as already said is that if you put all the business rules in it, you can easily share it with another vcl desktop application, no matter how many forms your project will have, and only avoid excessive data search in forms, and not allow its user to open all their forms at once. select * from without where is not a good idea
  8. wilton_rad

    UniPivotGrid extended...

    With current features, the pivot grid is unusable. The end user wants to move the columns to recreate other views, and this is basic to any pivotgrid, I look forward to news.
  9. wilton_rad

    Autoedit in DBgrid

    that would be extremely useful
  10. wilton_rad

    uniComboBox OnSelect question

    On a screen with many rules, I would leave the grid for viewing only, and put the controls on the form, using tunidbloockupcombobox and tunidbedit for data entry, so you have more freedom to handle events. grid would be read only.
  11. wilton_rad

    uniDbLookupComboBox with large tables

    he remote query feature, and simply a way to open the query by passing a filter, always avoiding a select * from table I always avoid using dblookup, I prefer to create a generic search screen, where I can include more search features for my user, and I can easily reuse this in every project.
  12. wilton_rad

    up or down arrows, change value numeric columns grid

    it worked, it was great!
  13. wilton_rad

    losing focus on grid editing

    yes, in this grid specifically, the columns are dynamically configured, visibility, title, size according to some rules, it is not a grid where the fields are already defined, this is what is different about this form, when the user selects a list on the screen, the grid is reset. I will prepare a video showing the behavior
  14. wilton_rad

    up or down arrows, change value numeric columns grid

    yes, but I never had an answer. I will try your approach.
  15. editing numeric columns on the grid, pressing up or down arrows, the value is changed, this behavior is causing serious problems in my system I already enabled the NumericEditorHideTrigger option How to disable this behavior? unigui v. this may be useful, but this is only NumericEditorHideTrigger = false It is natural for the user to use the down arrow to move to the next line, but the record ends up changing improperly