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  1. surensiddhi

    Screen Display Dim and Bright

    Does any one know why the screen display Dim and after a while it becomes Bright again. If it is processing something at background how can i display processing message to avoid confusion to users.
  2. surensiddhi

    How to catch Modal Result

    How to catch the modal result returned from the called form. Following code works fine in Delphi but it is not working in UniGUI. if GetSQLParaForm.ShowModal = mrOK then // Get the parameter values for the SQL Statement begin //show the result set with the parameters set in GetSQLParaForm GridViewForm.ShowModal; end; In GetSQLParaForm UniButton is ModalResult is set to mrOK ; // does not work procedure TGetSQLParaForm.UniBitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Modalresult := mrOK; // this also does not work; end; Any one know the alternative way to handle this.
  3. surensiddhi

    Multiple Datamodules

    There is no problem using MainModule with multiple datasets, tables etc. and also no problem using datasets in forms as well. If all datasets are placed in MainModule, it is difficult to maintain. In large projects it is necessary to categorize datamodules based on natures of datasets like DatamoduleLookup, DatamoduleCRM etc. How can it be done in UniGUI ? When created datamodules as normally done in Delphi did not work. Enven using uniGUI wizzard to create datamodule, it did not work. I am sure it must be possible. If some one has sample code, please shared. It will be highly appreciated
  4. surensiddhi


    It would be appreciated if Farshad replies about the size of his team and members as requested by Delphidude. For serious developer who wants to use uniGUI for their mission critical solutions for industries like banking and insurance, should know about it for security and support. I also wanted to know whether uniGUI is Escrow protected. I have had a bad experience with Raudus. It was good but no support and no further development which impacted our development. There is no doubt that the uniGUI is impressive, superior than other similar solutions and easy to use. We want it to rock.
  5. surensiddhi

    How to make three tier system

    Thanks Zilav. If we have a method or solution to load lookup data into client memory from DB tables, we would be able reduce network traffic. I though using Clientdataset as listsource of DBLookupCombobox, it can be achieved. My application is very big and my main objective is to achieve smooth operation for 300 to 700+ concurrent users per institutions. So I want to have stacked architecture using uniGUI as far as possible so that it will make easy for multi device accesses with minimum changes. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  6. surensiddhi

    How to make three tier system

    I am application software developer using Delphi since long time back from Delphi 5 to RAD Studio. My development includes Core Banking, Insurance, Accounting, POS, Inventory etc. All of them are thick client desktop application. After going through the demo and forum, uniGUI looks great components and tools for porting desktop application to web applications in Delphi as there are more demands from customer to change to web enabled application. Now I would like to know following so that I can convert Banking and Insurance software to web enabled application using uniGUI: 1. How to make three tier system ? UI in uniGUI, Logic in DB Server using procedure and also in Application server. Looking for best practice to be followed. 2. It looks that MainModule is loaded in server for each session. If I place ClientDataset in MainModule where does it load ? I assume that it will be loaded in Server memory. I found it somewhere written, that dataset should be placed in form to load to client memory which means I am breaking multi tier rules and mixing UI and business logic. Is it possible to create datamodule which loads into client memory so that I can place all Clientdataset into that module for load balancing ?