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    pivotgrid dynamic data problem

    Hello I do some testing and discover that the grid desn't "load data" unless it is already there before creation and therafter it stays fixed. so a workaround is to first open the dataset and then create the pivotgrid. If refresh is needed destroy the pivotgrid or form/frame that contains it, then refresh/reopen dataset and create again the pivotgrid or form/frame that contains it. Using Unigui
  2. Hello It's sounds to me that you need a http switch like octagate http://www.octagate.com/this one it's pretty old and seems to be abandoned, but maybe are others that can do the same stuff. With this kind of "switch" you can upscale easly adding servers and also provide failover. Regards, David
  3. dagromo

    Unigui guide - pdf vs Live video conference

    A PDF will be a good start point for a book that you can sell later.
  4. Hello there Can someone tell me the actual price of UNIGUI Complete Renewal? I currently have a Professional Plus license and the options in the customer portal only show prices for upgrade, upgrade/renewal to complete and downgrade to professional. I need to know the renewal price of Complete edition to make a decision on this subject. Any help will be highly appreciated. David