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    Resize Component

    UniEdit, UniMemo, UniNumberEdit, etc...
  2. rtalmeida


    Okay, solved, thank you.
  3. rtalmeida


    How to highlight the selected record in uniDBTreeGrid when using the uni_mac theme? example image with this theme.
  4. rtalmeida

    Format Column TUniMDbGrid

    onGetText Text: = FormatFloat ('###, ###, ## 0.00', TField (Sender) .AsFloat);
  5. rtalmeida

    Font FieldLabel

    How to change the font of the FieldLabel property of the UniDbEdit component?
  6. rtalmeida

    Font FieldLabel

    very good, gave the expected result, thank you.
  7. rtalmeida

    Font FieldLabel

    I Try and send the result
  8. rtalmeida


    the TUniDateTimePicker component does not have the SelectAll property, how can I simulate this?
  9. rtalmeida

    Livro Caixa

    caixa.rtalmeida.com.br a sua opinião é muito importante. Obrigado
  10. rtalmeida

    Two Clicks in uniBitbtn

    Hi, does anyone have any idea what would be the best practice to avoid two clicks on a uniBitBtn? Thank you.
  11. rtalmeida

    Two Clicks in uniBitbtn

    avoid double-clicking, not to run two or more times the same statement.
  12. rtalmeida

    Two Clicks in uniBitbtn

  13. rtalmeida

    uniDbGrid Summary

    Thank you, now it's okay.
  14. rtalmeida

    uniDbGrid Summary

  15. rtalmeida

    uniDbGrid Summary

    Unfortunately did not work, always show .00
  16. rtalmeida

    uniDbGrid Summary

    Just one detail, it works only for integers? I changed parseInt to parsefloat but it made no difference.
  17. rtalmeida

    uniDbGrid Summary

    Perfect! thank you so much again.
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  19. rtalmeida


    How to save and restore unidbgrid settings?
  20. rtalmeida

    Error h:\

    --------------------------- Debugger Exception Notification --------------------------- Project rtacontabil.exe raised exception class EAssertionFailed with message 'Worker is not assigned. (H:\Framework\uniGUI\Source\Core\uniGUIApplication.pas, line 1114)'. --------------------------- Break Continue Help ---------------------------
  21. rtalmeida

    uniDbGrid in Runtime

    Thank you very much
  22. rtalmeida

    Component connection

    Hello, I'm having difficulty when I use a datasource that is linked to another form, whenever I close the project and then when I reopen, the datasource binding disappears, what am I doing wrong? Attached an example the datasource of UniForm1 is bound to the dataset of the MainForm. ligacao.zip
  23. rtalmeida

    How to Format Field

    How can I do to format numeric fields in unidbgrid?
  24. rtalmeida


    It worked perfectly, thank you very much.
  25. rtalmeida


    Is the command below possible? Or how can I download the image. UniSession.SendFile (UniImage1.CurrImgUrl);