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  1. adan200

    How can I get my URL.?

    I'm trying to get the url of my application. I use ISAPI and it works well in this way, MyURL := UniSession.Host + UniApplication.UniSession.URLPath; But my network administrator assigned me a different port, to the public ip. Please look at the graph, would there be a way to get the final URL?
  2. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    Tutorial https://www.inflectra.com/support/knowledgebase/kb306.aspx BR Adan
  3. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    Work fine!!! Thank you very much.
  4. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    Please view the video test case. BR
  5. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    It has worked perfect for me. And this is explained correctly in the manual, forget this step, I'm sorry. Now I have a problem updating the application, I try to upload a new version of my application but I get the following message.
  6. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    Hi all, I'm trying to deploy my application with HyperServer in IIS, but I get the following error message when trying to connect to the database. Ole DB Error occured. Code 80070005h However, I have the properties correctly defined, and I have deployed correctly with HyperServer as Windows Service, but I can not achieve it with IIS. I have also tried to initialize manually, Coinitialize (nil) CoInitializeEx (0, COINIT_MULTITHREADED); Delphi Tokyo / UniGui / Sdac Devart 8.2. / SQL Server 2017 But I have test case with ADO. Test.zip
  7. adan200

    Hyperserver Stability. How stable it is ?

    Hi all, I am a Unigui developer a few years ago, and I have deployed applications such as services and IIS. I recently updated it to HyperServer, and I am pleasantly surprised not only by the easy deployment, performance, and hot update my applications, without my users even feel
  8. adan200

    Hyper Server - upload compressed file

    I need this feature BR Adan
  9. adan200

    Session Time remaining.

    Please i need this example
  10. adan200

    dbmemo.SelectAll and dbmemo.CopyToClipboard

    Can use this code with Label? BR
  11. adan200

    Pivot Grid support

  12. adan200

    Popup dialog

    I was trying, but I'm not making it optimal, I saw an example in the falconsystems application.
  13. adan200

    Popup dialog

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have an example of a popup dialog similar to this?
  14. adan200

    How do I remove or hide panel borders?

    function form.boxready(sender, width, height, eOpts) { sender.body.addCls('x-docked-noborder-top'); sender.body.addCls('x-docked-noborder-left'); } Works perfect!!! Thank you.