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  1. adan200

    Session Time remaining.

    Please i need this example
  2. adan200

    dbmemo.SelectAll and dbmemo.CopyToClipboard

    Can use this code with Label? BR
  3. adan200

    Pivot Grid support

  4. adan200

    Popup dialog

    I was trying, but I'm not making it optimal, I saw an example in the falconsystems application.
  5. adan200

    Popup dialog

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have an example of a popup dialog similar to this?
  6. adan200

    How do I remove or hide panel borders?

    function form.boxready(sender, width, height, eOpts) { sender.body.addCls('x-docked-noborder-top'); sender.body.addCls('x-docked-noborder-left'); } Works perfect!!! Thank you.
  7. adan200

    Combo Search box

    Hello everyone, continuing with the design of a graphical interface, some have an example of how to make the combo similar to the sencha help finder example. https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.2.0/modern/Ext.field.Search.html
  8. adan200

    UniTreeMenu sample layout

    thank you very much for your help, it works perfectly.
  9. adan200

    UniTreeMenu sample layout

    I'm trying to replicate the example of Extjs, Someone knows how to modify the UniTreeMenu properties. http://examples.sencha.com/coworkee/#home ExtLayoutEmployee.zip
  10. adan200

    How do I remove or hide panel borders?

    Ok.. TestCase2.zip
  11. adan200

    How do I remove or hide panel borders?

    I have the same problem when I have this property. MainForm.AlignmentControl := uniAlignmentClient.
  12. adan200

    UniTreeMenu Node Visible

    thank you.
  13. adan200

    Unigui is dead?

    Unigui is fantastic...
  14. adan200

    UniTreeMenu Node Visible

    Does anyone know how to hide a UniTreeMenu node? I have a permissions table and I usually hide the menus from certain users, it works well with Main Menu, but it does not work with UniTreeMen UniTreeMenuNN.zip