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  1. Hola Sergio, Yo tengo en producción actualmente un sistema con 800 usuarios concurrentes, gracias a Hyperserver. Saludos. Adan
  2. adan200

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    This project is an integral system of Human Resources Management. It includes from the Hiring, Evaluation, Payment Processes, Integration to the banking network, Integration with biometric clocks for the registration of assistances.
  3. i need highlight
  4. adan200

    Height of text wordrap in Grid

    Im use FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1499, and works fine. Adan
  5. adan200

    Height of text wordrap in Grid

    Thank you very much, it worked perfectly !.
  6. adan200

    Height of text wordrap in Grid

    Thank you for you help. Attach test case ProjectTestCase.zip
  7. adan200

    Height of text wordrap in Grid

    Hello, I already tried RowHeight, but it increases to the height of the row, but not the separation between the text.
  8. adan200

    Height of text wordrap in Grid

    Do any of you know how to modify the height of the text in a grid? I would like to make the text more legible in my grid.
  9. adan200

    sendfile .csv become .txt with Chrome

    +1 same problem
  10. adan200

    Actioncolumn and showMask

    i need too
  11. adan200

    How can I get my URL.?

    I'm trying to get the url of my application. I use ISAPI and it works well in this way, MyURL := UniSession.Host + UniApplication.UniSession.URLPath; But my network administrator assigned me a different port, to the public ip. Please look at the graph, would there be a way to get the final URL?
  12. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    Tutorial https://www.inflectra.com/support/knowledgebase/kb306.aspx BR Adan
  13. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    Work fine!!! Thank you very much.
  14. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    Please view the video test case. BR
  15. adan200

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    It has worked perfect for me. And this is explained correctly in the manual, forget this step, I'm sorry. Now I have a problem updating the application, I try to upload a new version of my application but I get the following message.