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  1. adan200

    Reverse proxy

    Yes.. in this property.. is right?
  2. adan200

    Reverse proxy

    I have 2 projects in diferents port use with Hyperserver, ##<VirtualHost *:80> ##ServerAdmin webmaster@dummy-host2.example.com ##DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/dummy-host2.example.com" ##ServerName dummy-host2.example.com ##ErrorLog "logs/dummy-host2.example.com-error.log" ##CustomLog "logs/dummy-host2.example.com-access.log" common ServerAdmin me@example.com DocumentRoot "C:\xampp\htdocs" ServerName example.com:81 ErrorLog "logs/example.com-error.log" CustomLog "logs/example.com-access.log" common Proxy
  3. adan200

    Reverse proxy

    I have tried the new version, but I get the same problem. Does anyone have experience with reverse proxy?
  4. adan200

    Reverse proxy

    Hello everyone, I am trying to mount my applications behind a reverse proxy. Use the ServerModule.UrlPath property (as mentioned in another thread). Original App http: // localhost: 8074 Apache (reverse proxy) port 81 / {context} I have some problems 1- I get a Method: '/ HandleEvent' not found message What could be the cause of this? 2- To work the reverse proxy, and that not only the message "Loading" appears, copy the folder extroot and uniroot where the executable is located. I've tried modifying the ServerModule.UniRoot and ServerModule.UniExt property to
  5. adan200

    tms xdata

    You won't regret using Xdata, I've been using it for a few years. 1- It is very fast 2- It has a very short learning curve 3- It has great support It is an Excellent combination between UniGUI and XData. I migrated all my applications from Datasnap to XData and I have better results.
  6. Millions of thanks. You are a genius.
  7. Do you have an example? I don't know much about client side events.
  8. Hello, thanks for answering. In my production project I use SDAC, But not everyone uses this component, that's why I prepare the test case with ClientDataset, but I can prepare with another data access component, which seems more appropriate. 1- Button 1 creates the dataset in memory 2- Buttons 2, try to add the text using two methods that I found in the forum.
  9. I am trying to save the text written in the TinyMCE in a Dataset, but I am not succeeding. I have downloaded some examples, and prepared an example. Somebody could help me? This example use ClientDataset. TinyMCEdemoDB.zip
  10. Hola Sergio, Mis aplicaciones van bien y aumentando usuarios. (de repente lo que mas demora en renderizar, cuando quiero mostrar miles de resultados por ejemplo una grilla con 30000 registros, pero si lo muestro por paginas, no pasa nada, solo que lo hago de esta manera porque utilizo filtros en las grillas, como si fuera un excel). Pero en lineas generales super bien. Utilizo SQL Server sin mayores problemas,
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